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Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic

Currently, the cardiovascular diseases holds leading place in the world for morbidity and mortality. Cardiology is study the cardiovascular diseases, it diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is the main task of the medical service of any state.

The MC Erebouni more than 15 years operates various highly specialized cardiology oriented departments.


Erebouni Medical Center. Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology

However, in January 2015, in order to improve the efficiency of work and systematization of performance on the base of MC Erebouni the integration of all cardiac services and set up the clinic of cardiology and cardiac surgery was made. This clinic includes:

1.    Department of Functional Diagnostics of Cardiovascular Disease
2.    Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology 
3.    Urgent Cardiology Department with intensive therapy unit
4.    Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology
5.    Electrophysiology & Intervention Arrhythmology Department
6.    Cardiovascular Surgery Department


Erebouni Medical Center. Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery Clinic: Urgent Cardiology Department


Modern and highly accurate diagnostic methods, highly specialized equipment is focused at cardiology and cardiac surgery clinic of MC Erebouni for diagnostics and treatment of heart and vascular disease and allows diagnosing the disease at its earliest stage of development, and then performing timely and highly effective therapy, formulate the preventive recommendations that may be used individually in each case.

Urgent Cardiology Department was created to provide highly skilled, specialized care for patients with heart disease. It consists of intensive care unit (ICU), Semi-Intensive Unit (the "second stage") and of the ward.


Erebouni Medical Center. Urgent cardiology department with intensive care unit Erebouni Medical Center. Urgent cardiology department with intensive care unit

The Department of Cardiopulmonary Pathology of MC Erebouni is carried out the diagnosticis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases including non-coronary disease and lung pathology, including rare forms of diseases of the respiratory system.

Department of Interventional Cardiology and Angiography of MC Erebouni is a modern, corresponding to international standards, high equipped department which provides 7/24 non-stop reception, diagnostics and treatment of the patients with cardiovascular disease on routine and emergency base. Department has all necessary conditions for the implementation of diagnostic and interventional procedures in cardiovascular diseases.


Erebouni Medical Center. Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology

The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of MC Erebouni performs all complex cardiac and vascular surgery in patients with cardiovascular diseases, and includes the following services:

–   Service of Cardiac Surgery and reconstruction of the heart,
–   Service of Vascular Surgery of the neck and stroke prevention,
–   Service aortic surgery,
–   Service of peripheral vascular surgery,
–   Laser Surgery Service vessels.

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of MC Erebouni first time in Armenia began to carry out such cardiac surgery as for postinfarction heart aneurysm with Dor’s technique, coronary artery bypass grafting using both internal mammary arteries, carotid endarterectomy etc. with good results, comparable with international standards.


Close cooperation between specialists in cardiology, angiography, endovascular surgery, cardiac surgery and arrhythmology allows yet in the first hours of acute myocardial infarction to have a highly specialized multidisciplinary care for patients and to organize activities and interventions to restore patency of the coronary artery and stop the progression of myocardial infarction. This contributes to a significant increase in patient survival and reduces the percentage of their disability.


Erebouni Medical Center. Cardiovascular Surgery Department

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