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Armenian Medical Institute

Armenian Medical Institute (АМI) was founded in 1990. It’s the first private medical institution of higher education on the post-Soviet territory and its creation became possible due to new, progressive thinking in the young Republic of Armenia

Armenian Medical InstituteToday 45 faculties and cycles operate in АМI. More than 200 people work for the Institute, teaching staff includes 56 Doctors of Sciences, 54 professors, 4 academicians of RA Academy of Sciences, 15 members of various foreign academies.

Since the very beginning we, founders of the Institute, had full support of the Doctors of Medical Sciences, professors and full members of RA National Academy of Sciences (RA NAS). R.S.Mamikonyan, L.D.Zhuruli, A.G.Alaverdyan, K.G.Karagezyan, S.G.Khachatryan – are just a few of the specialists who took active participation in the creation of our Institute, trained more than one generation of doctors and made the name of our country known far outside its borders. Due to their vast experience and knowledge we were able to avoid many mistakes.

High quality equipment, quality of professional education and ethical integrity of AMI already yield fruit in the most humane area of human knowledge – treatment of illnesses. Graduates of our Institute work as doctors not only in the Republic of Armenia, but also outside its borders.


Armenian Medical Institute
Over the past few years AMI has been implementing the policy of integration into the European space, and besides currently existing offices in Moscow (RF) and Los Angeles (USA) our representatives are working in Vienna (Austria), Lubeck (Germany) and Kortrijk (Belgium).

One of the most important issue for AMI is the conversion to the European credit-based system of education and by 2010 our students will have the opportunity to continue education while taking advantage of the most advanced, modern and innovative techniques.

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