Erebouni Medical Center


On the basis of the "Erebоuni" Medical Centre аре located


  • the Armenian-American State Medical College "Erebоuni" for the training and improvement of nursing staff,
  • the Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi (YSMU) for training of doctors (undergraduate, postgraduate, (bachelor's and master degree), clinical residency, specialization,  continuing medical education)
  • the  Armenian Medical Institute (AMI) for training of doctors (bachelor's and master degree).

In the medical college "Erebouni" nurses are trained in the following specialties: "Nursing", "Organizer of Nursing," "Medical cosmetology", "Massage Therapy", "basic nursing", "Laboratory diagnosis", "Family Nurse" et al. with a bachelor's degree-granting state-approved nursing licensing committee also the center of Los Angeles University of California.

In YSMU doctors are trained in bachelor's degree in the following specialties: general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and a master's degree in the following specialties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine - Public Health, Medicine - military-medical education, dentistry - Military Medical education.

In AMI doctors are trained in the bachelor's and master's programm in the following specialties: General Medicine, Dentistry.

Erebouni Medical Center today employs more than 370 physicians, including 12 doctors of medical sciences, 60 candidates of medical sciences, as well as 618 nurses. Our staff is highly qualified team of professionals with highly creative abilities. The Center continually implements new and effective methods of treatment. Our professionals periodically perform unique surgical intervention. Here you can find as an educating video as a very unique case presentations in various specialties.


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