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Blood bank

The provision with the donor blood around the world is carried out by means of pre-freezing and redundancy the blood in the Blood Bank. The only Blood Bank allows storing blood components for long term (over several years): plasma, red blood cells, platelets, leukocytes, and even stem cells. In addition to the long shelf life (eg, the plasma is kept up to 5 years at minus 80 C, packed red blood cells is stored up to 5 years at a storage temperature of minus 80 ° C), the usage of the defrosted and washed blood cells is maximally reduces the probability of transmission of blood-borne infections.

Erebouni medical center: Blood bankTo ensure maximum safety of transfusions and taking into consideration the long lasting positive experience of such countries as Austria, Belgium, France, America, Britain, Sweden and others, on the base of Erebouni Medical Center the Blood Bank was created.

Any person, who care about its health and safety, who aware of the seriousness of the problem can become a client of Blood Bank and reserve a blood.

For the people with rare blood groups, often in the case of illness or injury, it is very difficult to obtain the necessary group components of blood, because of their absence from the blood transfusion stations. Therefore beforehand stored own blood in the Blood Bank may be the only chance to survive.

Erebouni medical center: Blood bankEquipping of the MC Erebouni by high capacity and quality modern medical equipment and technology  allows to the Center safely collect a blood from donors, with the subsequent processing of blood components in the red cell and platelet mass, fresh frozen plasma.

Compulsory laboratory tests and analysis of donors' blood harvested allow providing the maximal possible safety of blood transfusion for patients.

Blood Bank of the Erebouni Medical Center has stored the necessary for functioning amount of blood components.


Head of Blood Bank
Anaida Navasardyan

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