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X-ray procedure

X-ray procedure

First, let’s talk about what X-ray actually are. Naturally you want to see through closed doors, walls or even the human body. Normal light wouldn’t do it. So we need to reinvent light. We will need a kind of ray that so powerful, that you could look inside of things. When use the X-ray in conventional radiography the physicians can see the certain kinds soft tissue, like lungs and hard tissue, like bones. If we need to see other parts of body that X-ray alone will not show we need a special fluid called a contrast agent. The physicians apply a contrast agent to the area that wants to see. It is denser than normal tissue and makes such a tissue as digestive system, kidneys and veins visible.

So X-ray are useful tools for a lot of things. But it is mainly used in the following situations. First – after an accident. Physicians might to see how badly patients had been hurt. And they have to make sure just where the actual damage is. Thus, the X-ray is an important tool for quick diagnosis.

Secondly – the X-rays are used in many situations when the suspected disease need to be ruled out or confirmed and then specified. In case of suspected cancer for instance X-ray is needed that surgeons can see if a patient really has a cancer. In nowadays X-ray can often help in this questions without surgery.

Thirdly, physicians use X-ray as a visual guide during a special kind of surgery. These operations are endoscopic. It means that they performed with very small tools that inserted to the body through too tiny holes.   So, the surgeon needs X-ray in order to see what they are doing.

And lastly – X-ray are used to monitor the healing process in certain kind of injuries. Thus the physicians can see how well the treatment is working.

So you can see that a lot of modern medicine would be impossible without X-rays.

Conventional X-ray systems can generate shadow-like images. With the use of contrast agent and techniques like computed tomography, angiography, molecular imaging physicians are able to look at the different area of body from different angles.

Moving part of the body need another special technique. So, to see how your heart bits or how your digestive system works we use the technique called fluoroscopy, which is just like a film. All film consists of a series of the pictures and we play them fast enough and the pictures are blurred in one moving sign.


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