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Professor Aba Harkos has visited «Erebouni»  Medical Center

Professor Aba Harkos has visited «Erebouni» Medical Center

Mammologist of Heidelberg University Clinic, Professor Aba Harkos has visited “Erebouni” Medical Center. He is already familiar with main problems of Armenian women that they apply for the help to the specialists.

Head of the Mammography Service of “Erebouni” Medical Center Lusine Hakobyan:

–   We are very happy to host Aba Harkos, who has big experience in the examination and diagnostics of mammary gland. The main goal of his visit – exchange of experience.

Head of the Mammography Service of “Erebouni” Medical Center Lusine Hakobyan:As it is known, the breast cancer hold first place among the women's oncologic diseases. As far as the early discovery of the disease is the pledge of the preventing of life-threatening complications, then the role of mammographic examination gets the specific significance.
Screening examination are widely used in all over the world for examinations of the women every year to facilitate the tumor detection on its  early stages. 

I would like to inform that our clinic is equipped with contemporary mammographic and ultrasound digital equipments, that gives the opportunity for detection of the tumors in mammary glands at the non- clinic stage.

In the future we are going to get necessary and useful equipment - device of Stereotactic vacuum biopsy of mammary gland that gives the opportunity to get the tissues for diagnostics without surgical intervention.

Mammologist of Universty Clinic of Heidelberg, Professor Aba Harkos:

–   This is my first visit to Armenia, and my impressions are different. I am at the big clinic, which is perfectly reconstructed and equipped. What about the Department of Mammography, it is equipped with ultramodern equipment; the mammographic and the sonographic systems. I am sure that in the future the problem of getting of stereotactic vacuum biopsy of mammary gland will be solved.

By the way, it's pleasure to communicate with Armenian doctors and patients.

Mammologist of Universty Clinic of Heidelberg, Professor Aba Harkos:–   Doctor Harkos, in the conversation with Armenian specialists you mentioned that mastopathy is the most frequent problem of Armenian women. Is there the same problem in Germany? With what kind of problems the women in Germany apply to the specialists?

–   The complains are almost the same. Just your attitude towards the disease is a little different. Your women take it with the big fear. In Germany if we talk about not dangerous disease such as a mastopathy, and not about oncologic disease, then women take it very calmly.

–   How important is the screening mammography?

–   It is very important, because the breast cancer is the most widespread disease in the world, and its early detection would help to save the women's life. That's why the role of the screening mammography is priceless. Through the complex mammographic and sonographic examination it is very easy to discover the tumor on the early stage and to prevent its development.

Professor Aba Harkos has visited “Erebouni” Medical Center–   As we know the screening examination is very important in European countries is obligatory.

–   In accordance with European standards it has been already 10 years that the screening examinations are obligatory. For us at this case the good example is Netherlands, where it has been already 25 – 30 years that the screening examination is obligatory. The same situation is in Sweden. For today almost in all European countries acts the same system. There is no doubt that the screening examination is absolutely necessary for the women.

–   The women at which age do you mean in particular?

–   Importantly after 50. At this age the usefulness of the screening is very high. But there are some cases, when the examination must be done at the age of 40 or even earlier.

–   Are there specific symptoms that would give some hint to the woman that she needs the examination?

–   If there were some relatives that had the breast cancer, then the woman needs to do the examination. And of course, at the case, when she has pain or excretion from the mammary gland and when at the palpation she can feel some formation.

–   Let's talk about mastopathy. What is it?

–   Mastopathy – it is the general definition of the results of mammary gland different diseases. In general, we talk about big and small cysts, about the changes of different tissues caused by different reasons. It is never possible to say for sure which type of mastopathy is dangerous and which type is not. Mastopathy by itself is not a disease, but the result of other diseases. That is why the results of mammographic and sonographic examinations are very different and each detected case of mastopathy needs individual approach.

–   And the last question. Many women because of the fear of the surgery don't apply for specialists’ consultation and examination. How to deal with this problem?

–   Everybody is afraid of surgeries. The question is that the women need to do examination to avoid the surgery. We talk about planned examination, not regarded to any complains. It can be compared with timely dentist examination to prevent teeth problems.
Of course, the mammographic examination doesn’t exclude the development of breast cancer, but it does give the opportunity to avoid the complication or malignization of disease.

P.S. Mammologist of University Clinic of Hiedelberg Professor Aba Harkos will be consulting in Yerevan from 26th of January to February 3rd 2015.

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