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Erebouni MC works in a special mode

Erebouni MC works in a special mode

Erebouni MC works in a special mode and has increased alertness both in the Maternity Clinic and in all Departments.

To prevent the spread of infection and also based on the instruction of the RA Ministry of Health, in the Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni stopped all visits, and in other departments are strictly limited.The reception area also works in a special mode. According to the recommended guidelines of the Ministry of Health, all preventive measures are carried out.In particular, all patients entering the medical center are taken temperature at the entrance to the MC in 24-hour mode. Patients who are from risk zone or have had contact with persons of these zones are taken anamnesis and special measures.

Special means are used to disinfect the yard, staircases, bars, benches, floors, and various surfaces

All this is aimed at providing more secure medical care in MC Erebouni.

MC Erebouni urges to follow the messages and advice of the Ministry of Health. To protect yourself against coronavirus avoid contact with people having the flu, wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth with napkin when you sneeze or cough. Do not self-medicate the flu and consult a doctor.   

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