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How is nuclear medicine

How is nuclear medicine

 How is nuclear medicine used in the world and now at MC Erebouni. Nuclear medicine is an innovative direction around the world, due to which many diseases are treatable today.


European Center for Nuclear Medicine opened in MC Erebouni, one of the main areas of which is diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, particularly malignant tumors. To discuss these issues, MC Erebouni organized a meeting with specialists from different medical institutions. 

   Executive Director of MC Erebouni Mikael Manukyan welcomed the guests and informed about the latest initiatives of the Center, in particular the prospects of Nuclear Medicine at MC Erebouni.

Overall, presenting technical capabilities of the newly established center, he expressed confidence that cooperation with partners would improve Health Care accessibility for our population. Introducing the guests, radiologist Natalia Shengelia-de Lange, invited from Georgia, Mikael Manukyan informed that she is the head of the center and will use her experience for the benefit of our patients.

 Natalia Shengelia-de Lange, Head of the European Center for Nuclear Medicine, presented the number of services provided to patients, the peculiarities of the use of iodotherapy. It is well-known that modern treatment of thyroid cancer is performed by combined methods and often requires radioactive iodine treatment after surgery.

  Natalia Shengelia-de Lange also presented a number of statistics and indicators of Georgia, which show that this area is quite developed in the neighboring country.

Specialists present at the meeting have asked a number of questions to the head of the European Center for Nuclear Medicine. In particular, endocrinologists were interested in the use of drugs, the timing of iodotherapy, as well as safety issues. By the way, 14 patients have already completed the course of treatment at the newly opened center.










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