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Cardiac injury caused from grenade explosion. The woman's life has been saved.

Cardiac injury caused from grenade explosion. The woman's life has been saved.



A 44-year-old woman was taken to MC Erebouni with multiple injuries due to a grenade explosion.

At the moment of admission to an Emergency Department, her condition was assessed extremely severe; with impaired judgement, multifragmentary fractures of the face, chest, abdomen, upper and lower limbs. Computed tomography (CT) was carried out urgently.

Cardiac injury was detected, there were fragments in the left ventricle, the presence of many fragments in the upper and lower limbs, face, right lungs, postesophageal region, abdominal cavity.

Taking into account the severe condition of the patient, and the results of instrumental examination, it was decided to perform immediate surgical intervention of vital importance. Head of General & Thoracic Surgery Department of MC Erebouni Dr. Ara Vardanyan and Dr. Narek Zaqaryan started the surgery without losing time.

Left sided thoracotomy, pericardiotomy, suturing of fragmental injury of left ventricular anterior wall, drainage of pleural cavity were carried out. Then a laparotomy was performed, small bowel and mesenteric injuries were detected, resection of an injured colonic flexure including mesentery were carried out with and ileal pouch anal anastomosis formation as well as drainage of abdominal cavity.

The surgery lasted about 4 hours. After the work of general surgeons, the next stage surgeries continued traumatologists and microsurgeons for narrow professional medical care.

The woman's life has been saved due to serious professional skills, quick orientation, technical equipment and teamwork of MC Erebouni.

The patient is now recovering in Intensive Care Department.


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