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At the initiative of MC Erebouni, the best doctors from different countries are again in Armenia.

At the initiative of MC Erebouni, the best doctors from different countries are again in Armenia.

For two days the prominent specialists from Russia, Georgia and Iran together with Armenian oncologists, surgeons and chemotherapists discussed issues of treatment of colorectal cancer, which is the third most common cancer in Armenia. Colorectal cancer is mainly developed without pronounced symptoms and most patients refer in the last stage of the disease, when metastases occur in other organs.

The main goal of this scientific-practical conference is to discuss the latest methods of cancer treatment and international protocols, implementation of innovative approaches to the treatment of the disease in Armenia.



The fight against cancer is a clear goal for MC Erebouni. Therefore, all conditions for early diagnosis and treatment of disease are created.

Taking into account the prevalence of oncological diseases and global challenges , by the order of General Director of MC Erebouni Professor Harutyun Kushkyan, a multidisciplinary team is created in the medical center, as it is commonly called TUMOR BOARD, headed by the Head of Department of Chemotherapy of MC Erebouni Dr. Haykuhi Geokchyan, MD. This means that for each case of cancer narrow specialists choose individual treatment strategy. And for diagnosing cancer the advanced equipment has been introduced. One of these is the SIEMENS Healthineers SOMATOM go. UP computer tomographs, which transmit an accurate and clear image diagnosing the diseases at early stages and recording unprecedented results.

The other advanced equipment is the latest magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI). Magnetom Aera allows to perform examination in 15-20 min. It has a powerful magnetic field and visibility as a result of which the image quality is perfect.


A part of the complex fight against cancer are the rare surgeries performed in MC Erebouni. Laparoscopic surgeries of colon cancer, that were not frequently performed in Armenia, today are successfully carried out by Deputy General Director for surgery of MC Erebouni Dr. Ara Vardanyan. Laparoscopic method allows to reduce the postoperative complications and the recovery period.



The most complicated surgeries in cases of cancer of the esophagus, colon, breast and other organs are also performed in MC Erebouni. All this is aimed to provide qualitative medical healthcare for population in Armenia.

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