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Esophageal cancer surgery has been performed  in Armenia.

Esophageal cancer surgery has been performed in Armenia.

 The patient complained of pain in the posterior thoracic pain, eating difficulties, dysphagia.During examination, a 47-year-old man diagnosed with esophagus cancer of middle third. As in each case of tumor detection, this time also the experts of Tumor board were invited and decided to perform double-cavity surgery, in thoracoabdominal stage.

Before the surgery necessary medical aid was provided to stabilize the patient's condition, water-salt balance, the protein balance was regulated, he was fed with help of nasogastric tube.


Head of General & Thoracic Surgery Department, Deputy General Director for surgery of MC Erebouni Dr. Ara Vardanyan and surgeon Dr. Grigory Grigoryan for the first time in Armenia performed surgery of esophagus cancer of middle third.

The laparoscopic method involved mobilization of the stomach, removal of the surrounding lymphatic nodes, mobilization of the lower third of the esophagus.Proximal stomach resection has been performed.

As a result, a transplant from the stomach was formed, which should serve the patient as an esophagus.It has already been revealed at a thoracic stage of surgery, during revision, that the tumor has grown into the aorta. Mobilization of the lower third of the esophagus was performed with surrounding lymphatic nodes of partly adventitia of aorta.

5 cm above the tumor the esophagus was cut and removed with resected stomach with one block. Transplant was moved to mediastinum and esophagus-gastric end-to-side anastomosis was formed. The surgery was successful, postoperative period went uneventful.

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