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Rectal cancer is possible to perform by endoscopic surgery

Rectal cancer is possible to perform by endoscopic surgery

 Head of Endoscopy Department of MC Erebouni Dr Arman Petrosyan carried out rare surgery. Endoscopic surgery for rectal cancer.

The patient was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The method of endoscopic removal of cancer (ESD) has been chosen as a treatment strategy, which is still rare in Armenia.

It is the most advanced method today in the world, requiring professional skills and and instrumental capabilities. To develop this branch in Armenia, MC Erebouni is making substantial steps.

Endoscopy Department of MC Erebouni is equipped with an advanced endoscope of the Japanese PENTAX medical company, which provides not only accurate diagnoses, but also enables to carry out serious surgical procedures.

During the surgery, the bowel resection is not carried out, maintaining the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. The patient stays in hospital for one day.

After the surgery oncologists assessed the  patient`s condition as good.

Endoscopic surgery of bowel cancer has been taking place for the third time in MC Erebouni.

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