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Due to an increase in flu and acute respiratory infections in Armenia, Erebouni Medical Center works in an emergency regime.

According to the Order of General Director (01/1) dated 11 January, the Head of the Emergency Department Dr. Armine Sanamyan was instructed to organize the work of the reception according to a special schedule. Thus, a detailed epidemiological history is collected in patients who applied to Erebouni MC with influenza and other acute respiratory infections, and special attention is paid to the fact that they have not been in the republic for the last 21 days.

When there is doubt about the flu and acute respiratory infections and complications, patients are hospitalized in isolated wards under the constant supervision of the Infectious Diseases Service of Erebouni MC.

And the heads of departments are responsible for the maintenance of anti-epidemiological measures, limiting the number of visits, if possible.

The Maternity Clinic of Erebouni MC also works intensively.

The Vice-Director of Erebouni MC in Obstetrics-Gynecology Service Dr. Andranik Poghosyan was instructed to intensify the follow-up of pregnant women, mothers and newborns, carry out explanatory work about restricting visits, allowing them only in masks.

Daily monitoring of influenza and acute respiratory infections also continues: the data are reported to the Ministry of Healthcare.

We also inform that Erebouni MC is provided with all necessary medicines and anti-influenza drugs.


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