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New department was opened in MC Erebouni.

New department was opened in MC Erebouni.


Armenian-German Department of Pathology has been opened in MC Erebouni, where all types of biochemical and histochemical studies are being carried out.

There, cytological and immunohistochemical examinations are performed. At the time of surgery, cytological and histological studies are performed in minutes, allowing the surgeon to correctly orientate and determine the amount of surgery. Accurate information on the level of illness can help prevent future complications and repeat surgery.

In Armenian-German Department of Pathology of MC Erebouni examinations are performed with modern automated equipment, World Health Organization Guidelines and materials produced by the world's top companies (Zytomed, Leica, Bio-optica).

In complicated diagnoses and suspicious cases, the department collaborates with the best experts in the field of histopathology and cytology to get a second opinion: Professors Thomas Schubert, Dietmar Kuntze, Peter Dalkin, Dr. Gerkhardt Shtaukh, Alien Goley.

It should be noted, that these experts are also consultants of Armenian-German Department of Pathology of MC Erebouni. Here are diagnosed tumor and non-tumor diseases of all organs of the human body. Test results are given very quickly.


  • Express intraoperative histological and cytological examinations are carried out within 15 minutes.
  • Cytological examinations are carried out within a day.
  • Cytological examination of small size of biopsy are carried out within 2 days
  • Examinations of a large postoperative material are carried out within 3-4 days
  • immunohistochemical examinations are carried out on the second work day after transfer of paraffin blocks


Specialists of the Department have been trained in the leading clinics of Russia and Europe.

The department is headed by Professor Anna Khachatryan.

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