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7 years of dream come true!

7 years of dream come true!


In MC Erebouni after 7 years of infertility 31-years -old woman gave birth to triplets: 2 girls and a boy. It turned out that Anna Harutyunyan would have triplets after artificial fertilization followed by a long- term treatment. Despite the big risk, the pregnancy was carried to term.  Throughout the whole period, the woman was under strict supervision of doctors of Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni, the cesarean section was performed by the the Vice-Director of Erebouni MC in Obstetrics-Gynecology Service Dr. Andranik Poghosyan. Despite their low weights, babies are in good condition. In November, in Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni, 386 children were born, out of which 178 girls, 208 boys.

Besides triplets, 7 twins were also born.

In November, as in previous months, the largest number of children were born in MC Erebouni.










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