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Up to 90 % of cases, the women`s breast can be maintained

Up to 90 % of cases, the women`s breast can be maintained

Breast Unit of MC Erebouni completely changes the conception of breast cancer treatment. Head of the Unit Dr. Nerses Berberyan enters the operating room with the following principle: breast cancer will be removed but the breast will be saved. Up to 90 % of cases, the women`s breast can be maintained. Therefore serious professional and technical skills are needed. This responsibility Erebouni MC has taken for already several months. The Unit is opened at the request of time, because breast cancer is the leading cancer among women.

In the newly opened department, all services are on the same floor, from diagnosis to consultation of different specialists. These departments, which include comprehensive medical care, have received the name breast unit in the world.The Unit is equipped with advanced equipment, which enables to diagnose disease even at an early stages, perform surgeries without breast removal and if necessary to do chemotherapy according to widely accepted protocols. In Breast Unit reconstructive surgeries are also carried out, which is of great importance for women. It is necessary if the breast was already removed during a previous surgery.

Although the Unit is newly opened, women are coming from different parts of the country and abroad, who are

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