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Tumors can be removed without open surgery. Embolization.

Tumors can be removed without open surgery. Embolization.



Embolization has been performed in MC Erebouni since 2014. It is a relatively young branch in medicine, which is an alternative approach for the cases, when the surgery is life-threatening for the patient. On the other hand it is the alternative way for all those patients, who avoid  open surgeries.


Embolization is an effective and safe intervention, carried out under local anesthesia and by intravascular way.


A thin catheter is introduced into a vessel through the groin area, then under X-ray exam a thinner catheter is introduced into the artery feeding the tumor. Vessel is clogged without damaging the organ.

Now in MC Erebouni embolization in case with liver tumor, uterine myoma, prostate tumor and renal artery aneurysm are performed. All procedures are performed within a few hours.


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