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Rare surgery in MC Erebouni.  Esophageal stenting.

Rare surgery in MC Erebouni. Esophageal stenting.



A few days ago 80-years-old man applied to MC Erebouni, diagnosed with esophageal cancer one year ago. Over time the tumor cause an esophageal obstruction. Act of swallowing has become impossible due to esophageal stricture. In the course of discussion the group of specialists decided to perform endoscopic surgery. Esophageal stenting by an endoscopy technique was performed by The Head of Endoscopy Service of MC Erebouni Dr. Arman Petrosyan. X-raycontrast, carried out 24 -hours after the intervention, showed that esophageal patency was fully restored. The patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. High quality stent of American manufacturing was used.

Such kind of interventions are rare in Armenia: this has been possible thanks tohigh professionalism and multidisciplinary teamwork of the doctors and advanced equipment of MC Erebouni.

It should be reminded, that Endoscopy Service of MC Erebouni is equipped with the latest generation of PENTAX Medical equipment, applied in the leading clinics of the world, which makes it possible to carry out esophageal, stomach and intestinal surgeries.

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