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Cochlear implantation. Achievements and plans.

Cochlear implantation. Achievements and plans.



 The program of cochlear implantation in MC Erebouni, which was started in 2014 is permanent in nature. In Armenia cochlear implantation is carried out only in MC Erebouni. It is quite an expensive surgery and requires special professional skills. The care that is provided to the patient is not just limited to carrying out a surgery. In postoperative period restorative actions and exercises are carried out, due to which the patient relearns to hear and perceive.


On 8 April 2018, in honor of the 15th anniversary of AIMF (Armenian International Medical Fund- founder and president Salpy Akaragian) in Glandale (USA) a charity event took place, at which Corresponding member of Academy of RA Academy of Sciences prof. Artur Shukuryan, doctor – audiologist, MD, Associate professor Armine Martirosayn presented Cochlear Center of MC Erebouni. With the assistance of the Fund several little patients had an opportunity for cochlear implantation.

During the event awards and diplomas were presented for contribution to cochlear implantation development.




Report was presented for the work carried out over the past 15 years. Fund`s President Salpy Akaragian provided a list of children, that needed to be carried out cochlear implantation during July, 2018. 




On 1-2 July 2018 due to joint teamwork of Armenian-American doctors, with the complicity of AIMF (Armenian International Medical Fund) seven children aged 1 to 4 years were carried out surgeries, which made it possible to hear the sounds of the world. 

 Children feel great. At the beginning of August,2018 the operated children will be turned on speech processor.

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