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Bagrat Alekyan again in Armenia!

Bagrat Alekyan again in Armenia!



On 12 July 2018, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, President of the Russian Scientific Society of Interventional Radiologists and Endovascular Surgeons, Professor Bagrat Alekyan carried out three complex endovascular surgeries in Department of Angiography and Intervention cardiology of MC Erebouni named after him.


Every visit to Armenia for an eminent doctor is not just an opportunity to come into contact with the motherland, but also once again use his knowledge and experience for the benefit of human health. As Bagrat Alekyan noted, in each of his visits he is convinced of the high level of training, the skills of doctors and medical staff, with modern technical equipment of MC Erebouni, which makes it possible to carry out interventions at the highest level.




The incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Armenia, as well as in Russia, is high. However, it is should be noted, that timely medical care, stenting decrease the level of disability and mortality. The Head of Erebouni Cardiology Center, The Chief Cardiologist of RA Hamlet Hayrapetyan MD, PhD noted that the recent decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia on lowering the prices for stenting will help the majority of the population of the republic to seek medical care in a timely manner and receive qualified treatment. “Reducing prices for stenting does not affect the quality of both the stent itself and the quality of medical services”.




Important is the fact that every visit by the famous academician to Armenia, and in particular Erebouni MC, gives new impetus to the acquisition of new knowledge and experience, the exchange of information and achievements.


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