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Webinar: interactive collaboration between Armenian and French cardiologists

Webinar: interactive collaboration between Armenian and French cardiologists

On 20 March 2018, in MC Erebouni, together with Sanofi and Medtronic companies was organized live, interactive webinar of angiographic laboratory of Pasteur clinic (Toulouze), from where Prof. Jean Fajadet and Prof. Bruno Farah implemented live interventional procedure for a patient with complex coronary pathology, and also held a discussion and answered the questions of the webinar participants.

From the Armenian side, MC Erebouni, the webinar was held by the Chief of Cardiology Center of MC Erebouni Prof. Hamlet Hayrapetyan. The webinar participants both from the Armenian and French sides were interventional cardiologists, general cardiologists, arrhythmologists, clinical residents.


During intervention bifurcation stenting of anterior descending artery and the first diagonal artery were carried out by the DK crush technique (double -kissing crush).


After successful completion of the interventional procedure the results of stenting were presented, it was followed by a discussion and question-and-answer session of the webinar participants. During discussions optimal strategy of the patient management with IHD (ischemic heart disease) and coronary arteries bifurcation lesions was presented.


To clarify the optimal positioning of the stent in the vessel lumen, French specialists carried out and demonstrated the visualization of the coronary arteries using one of advanced technologies- optical coherence tomography. This webinar was another event for the specialists of MC Erebouni in order to upgrade qualification and exchange experiences , which allows the Center to always be in the vanguard of modern medicine.


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