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The most complicated replantation surgery of an isolated limb

The most complicated replantation surgery of an isolated limb

 In 03. 07. 2017 a patient A.A. , 1975y/b , has been admitted to MC Erebouni with total traumatic amputation by the mechanism of detachment at the right hand( the hand is stuck in the vane of a rotating mechanism). All tendons were torn from the place of attachment to the muscles, the wrist joint was destroyed, and all nerves and vessels feeding the hand were torn off.


From the moment of admission every minute was counted, since the possibility of tissue resuscitation, especially in hot weather , is sharply limited.


The patient after a short , but very important preparatory stage in an intensive care unit was immediately transferred to the operating- room . Two brigades of microsurgeons and orthopedists, under the direction of Head of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department Dr. Armen Hovhannisyan, MD performed the most complicated replantation surgery of an isolated limb , which lasted about 5 hours. The difficulty was that with a detachment mechanism of amputation, tissues were damaged on a fairly large extent, and it was necessary to restore it at the level of healthy tissues.
































By the end of the surgery the blood circulation in the isolated hand was completely restored. The patient was transferred to the Department of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation.


Surgeries on the replantation of isolated limbs have been repeatedly performed by the specialists of the Erebouni MC, but each of them is unique in its kind.


Preservation and development of high medical technologies, to which the above-mentioned surgery refers, is one of the key activities of MC Erebouni.

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