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The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center

The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center "Erebuni"

Department of Urological Surgery Medical Centre "Erebuni" has acquired new equipment that makes it possible to carry out the operation corresponding to the European standards in Armenia.


On the possibilities of the latest equipment, we talked to the head of the Department of Urology, MD, Professor Mikael Manukyan.

Department of Urology, MD, Professor Mikael Manukyan–   One of the devices is a laser with great potential. Please provide more detail that he represents.

–   Medical Centre "Erebuni" has acquired new equipment, among which - the latest urological laser (Mega Pulse, Richard Wolf) 2013 production, which is a serious and powerful device, the effectiveness of which is not in Armenia. In general, the policy of the medical center "Erebuni" is not to buy an old, used equipment, as it may not be as effective as new. We strive to provide to Armenia in accordance with European standards of medical care and the purchase of this laser is a further step in this direction.

–   What are the main advantages of urological laser?

–   The laser has many advantages. It has two main functions - cut body tissue and crushes stones in the sand. With this laser it is possible to address many issues. For example, it is possible to crush stones of any size and vida.Primechatelno that the laser crushes rocks in part, and the sand. With a laser, you can easily remove any tumor, bloodlessly cutting the tissue of the body and is very effective to combine them. The laser can also be used in other areas of medicine - in skin, ENT diseases, etc.


The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center "Erebuni"–   Do you think that the acquisition of this new unit will increase the number of patients at the medical center "Erebuni"?

–   Today we have without this huge number of patients, and we do not seek to increase them. Prior to that, our department has also been equipped with the best equipment. The acquisition of the laser device will allow for high-quality treatment. For example, if before the patient after surgery stayed in the hospital for four days, but now will stay all day. In addition it will be facilitated by surgical trauma, reduced or even disappear post-operative pain.


–   Acquisition of the latest equipment will make a difference in the cost of services?

–   The cost of services has not changed. The main objective of the head of our clinic is to create conditions for the provision of quality health care to patients.


  The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center "Erebuni"
  The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center "Erebuni"

–   It seems that the presence of the latest laser will increase the attractiveness of the medical center "Erebuni", not only in Armenia, but also in our region.

–   Despite the fact that Georgia has also developed urology, we expect many patients from the country, mainly from the areas populated by Armenians, from which we have always been treated.

–   What other equipment was purchased by your department?

–   In addition to the laser, we have acquired not having hitherto unparalleled in Armenia another device - a flexible uretrorenoskop (Cobra, Richard Wolf), which allows you to explore any segment of the urinary tract. Thanks to this device without the incision can be inspected, as well as to remove tumors and split the stones found in the urinary tract. In the past about such a device could only dream of.

The newest equipment in the urology department of the medical center "Erebuni"We have also acquired another innovative device in 2013 - a laparoscope. We can say that today our operating unit is equipped with all the equipment that is available in European clinics. Thanks to this gratifying fact has become possible to achieve the best health results.

–   All purchased devices are already in use?

–   Yes, we have already conducted the first successful operation. In the future, we plan to implement a lot of new projects.

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