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Gastrectomy is the “gold standard” of stomach cancer treatment

Gastrectomy is the “gold standard” of stomach cancer treatment

Currently the stomach cancer is the most common disease of abdominal cancer pathology, and this problem is relevant in all over the world. Early diagnosis (in case of complaints to pain in the stomach, the mandatory examination and observation of the patient by the doctor is required) is the key to a full and long-term treatment.


The treatment of stomach cancer requires the complex approach as in the case of cancer of any other location. However in case of stomach cancer the surgical treatment takes the most important part in its treatment.


Today the “gold standard” in worldwide is the surgical treatment of the cancer - gastrectomy D-2, which refers to mandatory minimal volume of surgical intervention, that allows to prolong the life of the patient.



The patient M.G., 65- years- old, has admitted to MC Erebouni in 24.08.15 with preliminary diagnosis Gastric Ulcer. The patient suffers for about 4 months, complaints of the pains in the left area of chest. The patient also notes dyspeptic complaints, weight loss (about 10 kg) for the last year.


The patient was examined; in the stomach angle was revealed 3 cm in diameter ulcerative infiltration. The results of histological examination revealed the ring-cell   carcinoma. On CT-scan it was image of the stomach cancer, enlarged lymph nodes in the area of the ulcer. In the result of other clinical laboratory tests (blood test, urine test, ECG, echocardiogram) minor changes were observed.


In 26.08.15 the patient was operated under the general anesthesia by a team of surgeons supervised by the Head of Thoratic and  General Surgery Department assistant professor Dr A.R. Asatryan, MD. The subtotal gastrectomy D-2 and abdominal drainage was performed.


P/o period was uneventful; the patient was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition and will be under the supervision of an oncologist in the area of residence.



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