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The Medical Journal Erebouni (MJE) is an official scientific and practical multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal which provides medical professionals with pioneering original research carried out in clinics around the world. MJE included by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Armenia in the list of publications, recommended for publication of basic scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of candidate and doctor of medical sciences.

The Journal is published every two months. It is available in a printed version and attracts both experienced and young scientists from all over the world. It is planned to develop an electronic version of the Journal, which will be presented as a multimedia online scientific journal, in accordance with the highest standards of peer review and will engage established and emerging scholars from anywhere in the world.The main purpose of the journal is to provide a modern interpretation of actual problems in medicine by leading experts and specialists in this field and to help practitioners not only in the development of evidence-based approach, but also new conceptual ways of thinking in their clinical practice.

MJE is a proponent of evidence-based medicine.MJE articles cover a wide range of issues of medicine. It publishes original clinical research, the presentation of specific clinical cases, analyses and literature reviews, news and editorials, as well as clinical reviews, the latest medical advances and more. The Journal also publishes advertizing materials of healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical

companies and representative offices.The Journal also accepts announcements for conferences with further publication of special edition that will include materials and articles of conference.

For information regarding publication of articles or advertising materials please contact us by e-mail:

Editorial Board of MJE

Articles’ formulation rules to be published in ˝The Medical Journal Erebouni˝


1. The article should be submitted in hard copy and electronic format (as doc file). It can be submitted in 3 languages - Russian, Armenian or English, accompanied by a written recommendation of the institution where it is performed, and signed by the supervisor (if any).


2. The author of the article should present also two reviews by independent experts - specialists in the corresponding field of medicine.


3. Articles should contain information in the following sequence:

  • ŽUDC of the article.
  • ŽTitle of the article in the language of the article
  • ŽThe surnames and initials of the authors in the language of the article
  • ŽThe institution where the work has been done in the language of the article
  • ŽKey words in the language of the article.
  • ŽAbstracts in 2 languages, other than the language of the article, with the name of the article, surnames and initials of the authors, and the Institution where the work has been done in both languages
  • ŽThe text of the article
  • ŽSignatures, addresses and contact phone numbers of the authors.


4. The structure of the article depends on its type.For publication it is accepted:


a) Mini literature reviews - 7- 8 printed pages

b) A literature review - 15- 16 printed pages

c) Research article - 10 to 12 printed pages

d) Single Case Presentation - 10 to 12 printed pages


The style of presentation for review articles is free. The scientific articles must adhere to the following



  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References / Bibliography - in alphabetical order, first native, then foreign authors, with complete information on the cited sources. Links to the source in the text are shown numerically in brackets.


5. The text and graphics formats:

  • ŽMicrosoft Word for text and Microsoft Excel for charts - any version,
  • ŽArmenian, Russian and English fonts (letters)- Arial Unicode,
  • pt - 12,Ž. Normal,
  • Double-spaced,
  • ŽThe size of the page margins – left - 2.5cm, right - 1.5cm, upper - 2.0, lower - 2.0 cm,
  • ŽDrawings and graphics - in JPEG, TIF, BMP,PCX format
  • ŽIn the text there should be specified the number of the drawings and diagrams, their desired location,
  • ŽThe volume of scientific article should not exceed 10 pages of text and 7 graphics,


6. The printed copy of the article should be printed on one side, charts and graphs are presented in

separate files on separate pages, on back side of which should be indicated:

  • Žthe surnames and initials of the authors,
  • Žtop of the figure,
  • Žnumbering and signature to the drawing,
  • Žin case of the provision of more than one article the pages with the figures should have the title of the article. 

7. The articles submitted to or published in other journals, are not accepted for publication.


8. Incorrectly formulated articles will not be accepted for publication in MJE.

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