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Lusine Danielyan MD Lusine Danielyan MD Write a letter Head of the department of anestesiology and intensive care of Maternity Home anesthesiologist
1988-1994         State Medical Institute named after M. Heratsi
1994-1995     Internship based at  Erebuni medical center in anesthesiology and resuscitation
1997     Training at the National Institute of Health
2013     Scientific training workshop in obstetrics
      Professional Career
1995-1999     Anesthesiologist  in medical center Erebuni, ICU


    Anesthesiologist  of  the department of anesthesiology and intensive care  in maternity hospital ,medical center Erebouni 

2001-up to now          

    Head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care  in maternity hospital, medical center Erebouni
      Professional Skills

General, i/v, regional anesthesia

      Neuraxial blockade and ultrasound
      Academic Activity
2009-2010     Department of Anesthesiology, intensive care unit at the Yerevan Medical University after M. Heratsi

Membership in professional associations

1996     Armenian anesthesiologists  and emergency union
2009     ESA
      Articles, theses 4
      Foreighn language skills
      Armenian (ex.), Russian (ex.), English (ex.)


N Title Publication sources Author Co-authors
1 Clearance of endogenous creatinine and antibiotic therapy Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia , ,national Institute of Health , scientific papers and reports, part 2, p.171 (1996) Lusine Danielyan MD G.G. Mkhoyan
2 Epidural anesthesia of delivery The program of the 2nd congress of anesthesiologists and emergency Armenia (0) Lusine Danielyan MD A.S.Gnuni, Yeritsyan A.G., Gabrielyan S.P.
3 Carrying out a combined epidural-spinal anesthesia during cesarian section (0) Lusine Danielyan MD A.S.Gnuni
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