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Urgent cardiology department with intensive care unit

Shushanik Ghulijanyan, MD Shushanik Ghulijanyan, MD Write a letter cardiologist
1998-2004         Yerevan State Medical University
2004-2007     National Institute of Health named after ac. S. Avdalbekyan   
2006-2007     «School In Future Scientists», conducted by the National Institute of Health of Republic of Armenia.
2007-2008     «Diagnostic Echocardiography» fellowship program,Condacted by Yerevan State Medical University and Ultrasound Training Center of Armenia affiliate with Jefferson Ultrasound Institute, USA.
2012-2013     Training in “Cardiovascular Imaging”, Hospital Clinico San Carlois, Madrid,Spain

May 2013-

July 2013

    Training in “Cardiovascular Imaging”, Hospital Clinico San Carlois, Madrid,Spain
      Professional Career 
2007-up to day     Cardiologist at Urgent Cardiology Department at Erebouni MC
      Professional skills
      Conducting diagnostic tests - Tread-Mill test, Echocardiography, Holter-Monitoring
      Membership in professional associations
      European Society of Cardiology      
      Armenian Cardiologists Association
      Acute cardiac Care Association of the ESC 
      European Associations of Echocardiography of the ESC /EAE CLUB 35 
      Foregn language skills  

      Computer skills
      Microsoft Office 2007/XP applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


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