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Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department

General characteristics

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly relevant and popular in the social life. In the quest of humanity for the beauty and harmony this area of medicine is developing rapidly and gaining new positions in human consciousness.  

Department of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery is a modern, well-equipped unit of Erebouni Medical Center, which works in the sphere of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The department is founded in 2000. Today it is one of the leading centers of the country. Specialists of the department successfully practiced both in aesthetic -cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  All of them are members of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Armenia. The department is equipped and is periodically updated with modern equipment and technologies, which allow using in daily practice more effective and less invasive treatments. The high qualification, experience and team work style are the key to the success of even the most complex surgical procedures.


Erebouni Medical Center: Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery DepartmentFlap surgery, reconstruction of combined tissue defects, palm surgery, microsurgery of peripheral nerves, surgery of malformations, reconstructive oncosurgery, complex surgical rehabilitation of severe injuries of extremities and post-traumatic complications remains a priority of the department work in the field of reconstructive surgery. Contemporary achievements of microsurgery are successfully applied in interface of medicine by our specialists: general surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, transplantation, urology, etc.


Every year the number of aesthetic surgery addressed to elimination of acquired and age-related changes of different parts of the body are increased. Rhinoplasty has been and remains the most popular aesthetic surgery in the department and the country as a whole. Today is becoming increasingly popular the cosmetic breast surgery, facial rejuvenation surgery, body contouring, and removal of postnatal deformations of abdominal wall with the use of implants, removal or smoothing of facial wrinkles and age, and so on.


  • transplantation of tissue and flap,
  • microsurgical recovery of nerves and blood vessels,
  • correction and restoration of congenital malformations of extremities
  • replacement oncosurgery
  • treatment of keloids and hypertrophic scars,
  • surgical and sclerotherapeutic treatment of vascular tumors (malformations)
  • breast reconstruction after mastectomy,
  • treatment of scars, tendon and neurogenic joint contractures,
  • removal of skin and subcutaneous tumors,
  • hand and foot surgery,
  • replantation of amputated extremities,
  • plastic of skin,
  • surgical treatment of injuries of the brachial plexus,
  • treatment of compression neuropathies
  • surgical rehabilitation of rheumatoid hand
  • removal of pigmented lesions,
  • treatment of osteomyelitis with vascularized flaps.
  • transplanting of free and island flaps


Erebouni Medical Center: Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department


  • plastic of nose,
  • lifting of the face and neck,
  • contouring and rejuvenation with patient's own fat cells,
  • reduction and increase of the breast size,
  • breast lifting
  • eyelid plastic surgery
  • ears plastic surgery
  • plastic of lip
  • correction of excess fat by surgical and nonsurgical methods,
  • Liposuction and Lipofilling
  • plastic of abdomen, hips, shoulders,
  • contouring surgery,
  • surgical and nonsurgical correction of wrinkles and skin aging changes,
  • facial rejuvenation (Botox, Feller, peels)
  • hair transplantation


Erebouni Medical Center: Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery DepartmentSpecialists of department periodically passing specialization or improving skills in foreign clinics engaged in scientific activity, participating in various conferences and make presentations cooperates with other medical institutions of Armenia and NKR.

The department is a clinical base for training and practice of clinical residence students of Plastic Surgery Chair of YSMU under the management of head of department A.R. Hovhannisyan.

In the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery it is possible to fix almost everything. Here is carried out a wide range of plastic surgery on all parts of the body.




The department has:


  • microscope
  • endoscopic equipment,
  • complete set of microsurgical instruments,
  • RF scalpel
  • dopplerfloumeter

The department is equipped and is periodically updated with modern equipment and technologies, which enables to use on daily base more effective and less invasive treatments and perform all kinds of plastic surgery and many types of reconstructive surgery.

Main activities

The main activities direction of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department of Erebouni MC are reconstructive and aesthetic surgery:


   Types of rehabilitating and reconstructive surgery
  • injuries and congenital or acquired diseases of the extremities,
  • damage of the peripheral nerves, blood vessels and tendons
  • occlusive vascular disease of the extremities
  • defects of tubular bone
  • nonhealing wounds, ulcers
  • osteomyelitis
   Types of aesthetic surgery
  • Changing the size and shape of the breast
  • Rejuvenation surgery on the face and neck
  • Correction of the forms of ears and nose
  • Aesthetic plastic surgery of abdominal wall
  • Liposculpture of body
  • Contouring surgery
  • Excision of skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • Liposuction


Armen Hovhannisyan, MD Armen Hovhannisyan, MD Write a letter Head of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Department plastic surgeon Associate Professor
Aram Boroyan MD Aram Boroyan MD Write a letter plastic surgeon
Artyom Ikilikyan MD Artyom Ikilikyan MD Write a letter plastic surgeon
Edgar Hayrapetyan MD Edgar Hayrapetyan MD Write a letter plastic surgeon
Lilit Nersisyan MD Lilit Nersisyan MD Write a letter plastic surgeon
Nara Vardapetyan MD Nara Vardapetyan MD Write a letter plastic surgeon
Set Ghazaryan Set Ghazaryan Write a letter plastic surgeon
Ruben Martirosyan Ruben Martirosyan Write a letter plastic surgeon
Sargis Matevosyan Sargis Matevosyan Write a letter plastic surgeon
Robert Avagyan Robert Avagyan Write a letter plastic surgeon

Chairs of Plastic Surgery of YSMU

Employees engaged in teaching activities
Armen R. Oganesyan MD, PhD - Associate Professor
Lilit M. Nersisyan - Lecturer


Price list



Examination by head of the Department (head of service)



Examination by doctor



Microsurgery Department



Price (AMD)


Suture of peripheral tendon, muscle or nerve (local anesthesia)



Small-volume PST, RSD, removal of small-volume tumors or scars, small-volume skin plasty (local anesthesia)



Tumor removal by local plasty, skin plasty (medium-sized surface). Suture of peripheral tendon, muscle or nerve (local anesthesia)



Large-volume PST, RSD, skin plasty (large-sized surface). Small-volume reconstructive surgery. Tendon transfer surgery (general anesthesia)



Medium-volume reconstructive surgery. Peripheral nerve or vessel surgery, muscle-tendon transfer surgery (general anesthesia)



Large-volume reconstructive surgery (general anesthesia)



Combined reconstructive surgery. Island flap surgery (general anesthesia)



Reconstructive rhinoplasty, Post-traumatic extremity reconstruction (general anesthesia)



Vascular or bone reconstruction in the extremity (general anesthesia)



Face Reconstruction, Extremity Revascularization Reinnervation (general anesthesia)



Reconstructive mammoplasty, Composite Flap Shift (general anesthesia)



Brachial plexus surgery, free microsurgical transplantation (general anesthesia)


Plastic Surgery



Price (AMD)


Removal of postoperative nasal adhesion (local anesthesia)



Removal of postoperative nasal adhesion (general anesthesia)



Partial Blepharoplasty, Non-invasive facial contouring by using threads (small- volume). Otoplasty (local anesthesia)



Small-volume contour plastic surgery, combined blepharoplasty (local anesthesia)



Small-volume plastic surgery (local anesthesia)



Otoplasty, partial blepharoplasty (general anesthesia)



Septoplasty. Blepharoplasty. Liposuction 2 litres. Dermolypectomy.  (general anesthesia)



Combined blepharoplasty. Liposuction 2 litres and more. Augmentation mammoplasty. Mini Abdominoplasty. Mini facelift (general anesthesia)



Rhinoplasty. Rhinoseptoplasty (general anesthesia)



Reductive mastopexy. Abdominoplasty. Facelift (general anesthesia)



Abdominoplasty + Liposuction SMAS- Lifting (general anesthesia)



Rhinoseptoplasty + adjacent cavity. Liposuction for multiple areas (general anesthesia)



Combined abdominoplasty (general anesthesia)



Secondary abdominoplasty (general anesthesia)



Lypoabdominoplasty (general anesthesia)



Large-volume plastic surgery (general anesthesia)



Free microsurgical transplantation (general anesthesia)





Coinsurance approved by Order N 91-A of the RA Minister of Health dated 27.01.2011*


Extremity Surgery, its segments, in partial and total amputation of individual organs



Extremity Surgery, its segments, in partial and total amputation of individual organs (with complications and /or concomitant diseases)



External and internal (venous and arterial) profuse bleedings, partial and total amputation of individual organs, extremities, its segments(reconstructive surgery in  subtotal amputation of the finger, reconstructive surgery after injury of major vessels of  finger and wrist(foot), reconstructive surgeries after injury of major vessels of extremities)



 Replantation at any level of amputation, reconstructive surgeries after combined injuries of major vessels of the forearm and lower leg, reconstructive surgeries after injuries with vascular and tissue defects of the upper and lower extremities





* All prices do not include the cost of special and difficult-to-access diagnostic tests approved by the RA Minister of Health.

*All prices do not include metallic constructions, stents, prostheses(implants), and expensive medicines (1unit cost over 5,000 drams), blood components, nutrition, separate rooms


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