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General characteristics

The endocrine system of the body in close relationship with the nervous system, which together is called neuroendocrine system of the body, provides all the vital functions of the internal organs and systems of the human body. The complexity of neuroendocrine system structure, its leading role in the regulation of the body's vital functions, require highly qualified surgeon who are able to perform surgery on so-called "governing bodies" of the human body.

Accumulated over the past 50 years knowledge on the mechanisms of neuroendocrine disorders has provided the basis for the rapid development of new direction of clinical medicine - endocrine surgery.

Department of Endocrine Surgery of MC Erebouni was founded in 1986 by Professor Kushkyan A.M. Over the years, through the Department has passed more than 20,000 patients with diseases of the endocrine glands. It is the only specialized unit in Armenia, where carried out surgery on the thyroid and parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, breast and pancreas.

In Armenia about 1000 endocrine surgery is performed annually and 600 of them in endocrinology department of Erebouni MC.


Erebouni Medical Center: Endocrine Surgery Department

In 1997 Professor Kushkyan A.M. has founded the Chair of Endocrine Surgery of National Institutes of Health and later on of Yerevan State Medical University. M. Heraci where up to today the many endocrine surgeons of republic and other countries passes specialization. On the base of the Department had been performed many scientific-research works and publications. Many new methods and technologies had been developed and introduced in the routine practice of the Department by its specialists.

The laparoscopic adrenalectomy and endoscopic thyroidectomy first time in Armenia had been performed at the Department of Endocrine Surgery of MC Erebouni. Currently the specialists of the Department work on the methodological and technical precision standards.

Possession of complex technologies and the contemporary equipment allows specialists of the department in case of possibility give priority to low-invasive (minimally invasive) surgery: operations from minimal access, video endoscopic operations, surgical procedures under ultrasound control and others.

A variety of clinical manifestations, the organ failure related to the different systems of the body often requires a combined surgical intervention which should take place simultaneously with endocrine surgical intervention. In this case the multiprofile surgical team is provides the surgical intervention - neurosurgeons, urologists, gynecologists, thoracic surgery and others.

In the department of endocrine surgery MC Erebouni, the following types of surgery are provided:


  • laparoscopic surgery;
  • classic open access surgery;
  • surgery with minimum access;
  • minimally invasive organ preserving surgery;
  • surgery under the endovideocontrol.

The department performs all types of minimally invasive and high-tech surgical intervention:


  • Surgery on the pituitary gland
  • Surgery on the thyroid gland
  • Surgery in the parathyroid glands
  • Surgery in the thymus
  • Surgery on the pancreas
  • Surgery on the adrenal glands
  • Surgery on the breast
  • Surgery in the ectopic ACTH syndrome
  • Surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the endocrine system (multiple endocrine neoplasia - MEN syndrome).
  • Surgery in the gonads and others.

Endocrine Surgery Department is cooperates with leading surgical clinics in Russia and Europe. Specialists of the department take an active participation in the international scientific symposium on endocrine surgery, conduct their own original research with the publication of the results in the local and foreign journals.


Main activities

The department conducted the surgery in the following pathologies:


  • thyroid disease, including cancer,
  • hormone-active adrenal tumors,
  • tumor close to the thyroid gland,
  • breast disease, including prosthetics,
  • correction of sex and congenital genital abnormalities,
  • diseases of the pituitary gland
  • sweating of palms and armpits,
  • weight loss surgery.
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