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Anesthesiology Department

General characteristics

The Department of Anesthesiology provides the anesthesiologic management of planned and emergency surgery, intensive therapy and resuscitation of patients in critical conditions in 24/7 format.

The specialists of the department familiar with all modern methods of anesthesia for the various profiles of surgery. Department is equipped with modern anesthesia and respiratory monitoring equipment, syringes and infusion pumps, devices for continuous autotransfusion that applicable in case of massive hemorrhage, defibrillators, pacemakers, etc.

Erebouni Medical Center. Surgery Clinic: Anesthesiology DepartmentAll contemporary methods of anesthesia and intensive care are implemented in the department, including low-flow inhalation anesthesia, intravenous anesthesia, commonly used methods of regional anesthesia: epidural, spinal and spinal-epidural anesthesia types. In determining the method of anesthesia for the certain surgical treatment the individual approach to each patient are used.

In lung surgery the high-frequency oscillatory ventilation is used. Control of activities of vital organs and systems during surgery is performed with the use of high-precision monitoring systems with the ability to study the parameters of central hemodynamics monitoring and control of depth of anesthesia. In the intensive care the modern techniques of mechanical ventilation and respiratory therapy, extracorporeal detoxification are used. The Express Diagnostic laboratory of anesthesiology department provides express analysis of blood gas and electrolytes, main biochemical parameters, indexes of blood coagulation.

Modern equipment and techniques allow surgeons to perform the most complex operations, including patients with severe comorbidities and reduced functional reserves.

Erebouni Medical Center. Surgery Clinic: Anesthesiology DepartmentThe main principle of Anesthesiology Department is to provide safe and high-quality anesthesia. According to department's statistics, during the last year an average of more than 7,000 different types of anesthesia are provided. The complications rate related to anesthesia at the department is very low and comparable with indices of anesthesia services of leading clinics around the world.

In addition to the anesthesia the Department of Anesthesia is deals with problems of the treatment of pain. The specialists of the department had been specialized and trained in the leading clinics of the world for pain management. Their knowledge are implemented and widely used in the activities of the department. The department alongside with the standard methods of treatment of pain, such as individual drug therapy of pain is used also such modern methods of interventional pain management as epidural anesthesia, medical diagnostic blockade, neuromodulation and other

For pain relief is used:

  • nerve blocking with the use of local anesthetic;
  • The use of epidural anesthesia;
  • the use of opioids in regional anesthesia;
  • method of chemical neurolysis;
  • autonomic nerves blockade;
  • neurosurgical operations;
  • method of PCA (analgesia that controlled by the patient).



Erebouni Medical Center. Surgery Clinic: Anesthesiology DepartmentThe department equipped with the contemporary machines and instruments and has all the currently available drugs necessary for anesthesia.

Main activities
  • general anesthesia
  • regional anesthesia
  • conduction anesthesia
  • epidural anesthesia
  • Pain Management
  • Training of the specialists

With the direct participation of specialists and assistance of administration of Erebouni MC on the basis of the Department of Anesthesiology it was set upped the "Regional School of Anesthesiology of Armenia".

Levon Gabrielyan, MD Levon Gabrielyan, MD Write a letter Head of Anesthesiology Department anesthesiologist
Arthur Hovhannisyan MD Arthur Hovhannisyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Artur Cherqezyan MD Artur Cherqezyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Armen Sargsyan MD Armen Sargsyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Armen Varosyan MD Armen Varosyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Artavazd Voskanyan MD Artavazd Voskanyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Serob Mikaelyan MD Serob Mikaelyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist
Vardan Arakelyan MD Vardan Arakelyan MD Write a letter anesthesiologist


- Chair of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of  Faculty for postgraduate training of YSMU

Training Programs

- Bachelor's,
- Masters
- Clinical Residency and
- Continuing Medical Education

Research projects
  • - Research activities has organizational and clinical character , Research activities has organizational and clinical character and include: information management, modern methods of post-graduate training and new training technologies in anesthesiology, regional anesthesia, pain management, management of patients with polytrauma, etc. The research results are periodically presented at various scientific meetings including international ones, as well as published in high rated local and international periodicals.
Price list



Patient-controlled anesthesia/2 days/                                                                                         



Patient-controlled anesthesia/more than 2 days /each day                                                          



Anesthesia at the request of the patient/ without medical indications /Epidural Anesthesia/



Continuous Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia (CSE) (1st day)



Continuous Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia (CSE) (2nd day)











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