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General characteristics

In the neonatal intensive care unit of MC Erebouni, the first days of life are spent by children born from complicated and premature births. The status of the highest, third-level Maternity Clinic providing perinatal care obliges medical staff to always be ready to provide appropriate medical care even in the most difficult cases. 

The department is headed by Professor Pavel Mazmanyan, Consultant on Neonatology at the Ministry of Health of RA.

The neonatal service has created conditions that meet modern standards for providing treatment and care for sick and premature newborns. The management of the medical center purchased the best equipment for intensive care: incubators of Japanese production “Atom Medical "and open resuscitation systems, phototherapy lamps, monitors, artificial lung respiration devices of Swiss and German companies "Hamilton" and "Stepfan", which allow for high-frequency ventilation. The latest device of the German company "Medin" allows you to carry out the entire volume of non-invasive respiratory support, including using high frequency.

The department has adopted the idea of continuous perinatal care, which involves counseling and training of pregnant women before the birth of a child. After discharge from the Maternity Clinic, an outpatient service was also created to monitor children, where children receive medical care. In the new service, parents can also get advice about the features of care, nutrition and development in the first days and weeks of a child's life. The service is also equipped with a sonographic device for studying the brain of children.

It allows you to do neurosonography of the brain in newborns and young children with Doppler. A screening program for hip dysplasia has also been introduced in the Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni.

Hip dysplasia is congenital, due to improper development of the hip joint and can lead to dislocation of the head of the hip. This problem occurs in 1000 newborns out of 6-7 and requires professional intervention. Early sonographic examination is a necessity, since in case of late detection, a disability may be registered. By the way, a dislocation diagnosed after the third month of life is already considered late.

 For the early detection of dislocations in the hip joint, MC Erebouni has purchased an ultrasound mobile device of the latest generation, on which a screening study of all newborns is carried out.




n the ICU there


  • ventilators,
  • several systems to support breathing Bablle CPAP and high flow,
  • centralized oxygen supply, which provide treatment for newborns with respiratory problems,
  • there is a table with a heating temperature control system.

The department also has a


  • phototherapy lamp
  • X-ray system
  • Monitors Surveillance
  • laboratory equipped with modern equipment, which allows for a full examination of blood and other biological fluids,
  • updated incubators, which provide optimum thermal conditions for newborns with low birth weight and premature births.



Pavel Mazmanyan Pavel Mazmanyan Write a letter Head of Newborn (and Neonatal Care) Department of Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni , Consultant neonatologist at the Ministry of Healthcare RA Neonatologist
Anahit Baghdasaryan MD Anahit Baghdasaryan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Arusyak Ayvazyan MD Arusyak Ayvazyan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Gohar Aharonyan MD Gohar Aharonyan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Lusine Movsisyan MD Lusine Movsisyan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Lusine Chatrjyan MD Lusine Chatrjyan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Naira Vardanyan MD Naira Vardanyan MD Write a letter neonatologist
Lusine Grigoryan Lusine Grigoryan Write a letter neonatologist
Mariam Kesoyan Mariam Kesoyan Write a letter neonatologist
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Price (AMD)

Examination by head of the Department (head of service)


Examinaton by doctor


Cranial sonography (US) (Neurosonography)


Cranial sonography (US) (Neurosonography) with Doppler


Breastfeeding consultation



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