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Maternity and Postpartum Unit

General characteristics

Timely qualitative and professional medical monitoring of pregnant women and the fetus, as well as competent management of child birth and postpartum period can prevent critical situations and it is the key to the health of mother and child.

Maternity Clinic of Erebouni MC has the highest III category and is a part of a multi-disciplinary hospital where observing a high-risk pregnant with various obstetrician-gynecological pathologies, as well as with the pathology of other organs and systems.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit


In the Maternity and Postpartum Unit of the Clinic the whole range of high-tech obstetric care, that combines tradition of the classic obstetrics with the latest perinatal technologies are provided.

The department is equipped with modern equipment for monitoring of the health and condition of pregnant women and fetus.


There are individual maternity rooms where the pregnant woman stays during labor and the immediate postpartum period.

In the maternity ward more than 4,000 deliveries per year are provided.

During childbirth in department is given the different types of anesthesia in depend on the state of the mother and the fetus, as well as new approaches to childbirth of pregnant women at high risk are provided that allows avoiding different obstetric complications. For the purpose of pain relief in childbirth is widely used continuous epidural anesthesia, which has a high analgesic effect without any inhibition of delivery activities, or damage to the health of the mother or fetus. Epidural anesthesia is conducted by highly qualified anesthesiologists that are fluent in this technique.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit


During childbirth is permitted the presence of the spouse.

Caesarean section is performed in accordance with the indications, mainly under the spinal anesthesia.

The postnatal wards has created all necessary conditions for joint stay of the mother and newborn under round-the-clock control both obstetricians and neonatologists. In case of necessity it is possible immediately organize consultations of narrow specialists. There are also individual postnatal wards with option for stay of relatives.
There are also high comfort rooms where food, newborn and maternity care are provided.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit


In cases of complicated childbirth, surgery for cesarean section, small obstetric operations and other conditions of women that do not allow her to care for a newborn it is also possible to organize the separate stay of  mother and newborn as long as necessary.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit


The department also has single and double rooms equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay of the mother and child. All wards have individual toilet and shower, equipped with special medical beds for women in childbirth, baby bed, and table for diapering and generally with a homelike atmosphere.

The department implements the program "the support and encouragement of breastfeeding", "technology" of proper feeding , provides information about the benefits of natural breastfeeding. The specialists of department conducts outreach on monitoring and care of the breasts in the hospital and at home to support the lactation, personal hygiene in the postpartum period.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit


In result of co-operation maternity and post-natal departments with Harvard Medical School and UCLA it have been introduced and constantly updated protocols for childbirth of high-risk pregnant women, resulting in a significant reduction in prenatal and postnatal complications and with a favorable outcome of childbirth.


Maternity and Postpartum Unit    Maternity and Postpartum Unit



In postpartum women are educated how to care for newborns, to maintain hygiene of postpartum period, and in case of necessity can be given psychological and legal assistance.

In the maternity and postnatal department of Erebouni MC employs highly qualified specialists, repeatedly trained and specialized in leading maternity centers and gynecological clinics in Europe and the United States.



Maternity wards are equipped with modern equipment for the control of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Delivery rooms are individual.

In postnatal wards the appropriate conditions for joint stay of the mother and newborn are created. Both of them stay under continuous overnight control of obstetricians, gynecologists and neonatologists. There are also individual postnatal wards with possibility for presence of relatives. 

Maternity and Postpartum Unit


Andranik Poghosyan, MD Andranik Poghosyan, MD Write a letter Director of Maternity Home obstetrician-gynecologist PhD (c.m.s.) Associate Professor
Tigran Hovhannisyan Tigran Hovhannisyan Write a letter Head of Maternity and Postpartum Unit obstetrician-gynecologist
Laura Sargsyan Laura Sargsyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Hasmik Khachatryan Hasmik Khachatryan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist

-  Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology of YSMU

Employees engaged in teaching activities
-  Suzanna R. Babloyan - Ph.D., Professor

Special events and achievements
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