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General characteristics

The department of gynecology conducts the surgical and conservative treatment of gynecological diseases. Conservative treatments are designed for the treatment of gynecological patients with irregular menstruation, inflammatory disease of female genital organs, infertility and miscarriages.

The department carried out all relevant abdominal surgery. The high qualification and experience of specialists allow performing the complex laparoscopic surgery. Due to multidisciplinary profile of MC Erebouni and high qualification of surgical and urological departments of the Centre, the specialists of Gynecology Department has the opportunity to conduct very complex combined surgical intervention jointly with specialists from other specialized departments.

Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Gynecology departmentGynecology Department conducts reception, examination and treatment of patients with the following disorders:
  • adenomyosis and external endometriosis,
  • benign and malignant tumors of the genitals,
  • chronic pelvic pain,
  • reproductive disorders (infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy)
  • pelvic inflammatory disease,
  • intrauterine pathology (uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, etc.)
  • congenital anomalies of the genitals,
  • ovarian sclerocystic syndrome,
  • pelvic organ prolapse (prolapse of the vaginal walls and the uterus)
  • urination disorders.

Indications for hospitalization in the Gynecology Department are:

  Gynecological disorders requiring specialized planned conservative care:
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • ovulatory pain syndrome.
  Gynaecological disorders requiring the provision of specialized surgical care:
  • uterine fibroids of any location;
  • endometriosis any location;
  • benign ovarian tumor;
  • infertility, tubal-peritoneal factor;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • benign ovarian tumor in pregnancy;
  • pathology of the endometrium or cervical canal;
  • plastic surgery in omission and prolapse of genitals;
  • intrauterine adhesions, intrauterine septum;
  • benign tumor-like formation on genitals in girls, anomalies of the genital organs.

Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Gynecology departmentThe patients examination performed with the use of:
  • transabdominal, transvaginal three-dimensional and four-dimensional ultrasound examination of the genitals, with Doppler assessment of blood flow in vessels,
  • ultrasound of breast
  • mammography
  • immunological examination,
  • hormonal survey
  • bacteriological methods of examination,
  • radiological evaluation of tubal patency,
  • endoscopic methods (colposcopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy)
  • cytological methods of investigation,
  • histopathological methods.
Diagnostic hysteroscopy reveals the early stages of intrauterine pathology (uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, endometrial polyps, hyperplasia of the endometrium, intrauterine septum, synechiae). The use of hysteroscopy allows conducting of the surgeries of increased complexity: the removal of polyps, fibroids. 

Diagnostic laparoscopy reveals the early stages of gynecological diseases, the cause of infertility.
Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Gynecology department

The treatment of the patients performed with the use of new technologies. The department is equipped with modern endovideosurgical equipment "Karl Stozz" (Germany).

The department developed unique methods of surgical interventions through the conventional (laparotomy), vaginal and laparoscopic access.

The department performs through the laparoscopic access surgery of high complexity:
  hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)
  • Subtotal laparoscopic hysterectomy (supravaginal amputation of uterus)
  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy
  myomectomy (removal of fibroids)
   surgery in external genital endometriosis,
  correction of pelvic organ prolapse using a synthetic mesh.

Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Gynecology department The department also conducted laparoscopic procedures on uterine appendages:
  • Surgery in tubal infertility
  • Laparoscopy in ectopic pregnancy
  • Conservative plastic surgery in tubal pregnancy
  • Surgery in acute inflammatory diseases of the uterus
  • Laparoscopic surgery on ovaries
  • Surgery on the ovaries in polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Laparoscopic surgery in ovarian apoplexy
  • Laparoscopic surgery in ovarian cysts of various sizes and different etiology (origin)
  • Laparoscopic surgery on uterine appendages, in ovarian cysts in pregnant women with gestational age less than 20-22 weeks

For the surgical treatment of patients with pelvic dysfunction anti-recurrent technique is widely used (with the use of new high-quality synthetic materials):

  • vaginal hysterectomy combined with the vaginal reconstruction and anti-stress slings
  • surgical correction in stress incontinence with suburethral slings TVT, TVT-obturatorr, TVT-securr,
  • Reconstruction of the vagina by Proliftr in patients with ptosis of the vaginal walls


Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: Gynecology department

Compared with conventional (open), endoscopic surgery has a number of advantages:
  • minimal trauma;
  • absence of scars (cosmetic effect);
  • absence of post-operative pain;
  • strong recovery;
  • shortening of hospital stay from 7-10 days (after abdominal surgery) to 2-3 days;
  • minimal risk of postoperative adhesions;
  • organ preserving nature of interventions;
  • absence of blood loss.

However, despite to all these advantages, endoscopic surgery not always is the best choice for the patient. Specialists of Gynecology Department only after a thorough evaluation of all factors recommend to the patients a particular method of intervention that will be most effective and reliable for them.
Ripsime Mokacyan MD Ripsime Mokacyan MD Write a letter Head of Department of Gynecology gynecologist Grand PhD (d.m.s.) Professor
Сюзанна Баблоян MD Сюзанна Баблоян MD Write a letter gynecologist Grand PhD (d.m.s.) Professor
Ani Margaryan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Anna Malumyan MD Anna Malumyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Armen Khurshudyan Armen Khurshudyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Arman Sahakyan MD Arman Sahakyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Tigran Sargsyan Tigran Sargsyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Gayane Gezalyan MD Gayane Gezalyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
David Hambartsumyan MD David Hambartsumyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Lilit Hovsepyan MD Lilit Hovsepyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologyst
Lilit Meghryan Lilit Meghryan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Hasmik Araqelyan MD Hasmik Araqelyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Marine Martirosyan MD Marine Martirosyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Milena Suqiasyan MD Milena Suqiasyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Nara Adamyan Nara Adamyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Norayr Ghukasyan MD Norayr Ghukasyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist PhD Associate Professor
Anna Aghazaryan MD Anna Aghazaryan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist

1. Chair of Gynecology N3, Postgraduate Education Faculty, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsy
Assistant Professor - Sukiasyan MD, MD, PhD


2. Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology N1  Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsy
Professor - Babloyan SR, MD, PhD

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