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High-risk Pregnancy Department

General characteristics

In the Department of High Risk Pregnancy Erebouni MC performed the examination and treatment of pregnant women with different problems such as obstetric and extragenital pathology, which usually makes about 10% of the total number of pregnancies.

Modern medical science has developed effective and successful methods for monitoring of pregnant women and prevention of preterm birth and unwanted complications. Therefore, it is important early detection and identification of the risk factors, thereby reducing the adverse effects and to achieve a safe childbirth.

Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: High-risk Pregnancy DepartmentThere are the following risk groups:


  • with perinatal pathology of the fetus;
  • with obstetric pathology;
  • with extragenital pathology.

There are many factors  that allow to determine a pregnancy as the high risk. Among them are the following:


  • Pathology of the mother before pregnancy, including any chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, coagulopathy, obesity and anorexia, epilepsy, congenital malformations of the uterus.
  • The second group includes the adverse effects of previous pregnancies with abnormalities of the mother or fetus: slow fetal development, pregnancy hypertension, abnormal development of the fetus during a previous pregnancy, premature birth, miscarriage, repeated abortions.
  • The third group comprises the factors of the placenta and fetus, which appear during pregnancy: multiple pregnancy, abnormal fetal development, the obvious delay in the development of the fetus, the risk of preterm delivery, placental insufficiency.

Erebouni Medical Center. Maternity Clinic: High-risk Pregnancy DepartmentThere is another group of patients, which, although not strictly belong to the risk group, still need special attention: it is pregnant women, who got multiple courses of treatment for infertility. On the other hand, it is constantly growing group with desire to become pregnant. And more motivated group when it comes to pregnant women in adulthood.

On average, the department examined and treated about 2,000 pregnant women a year. In recent years, there is a tendency to increase the number of high-risk pregnant that appealed to the department.

The priority direction of activity of the Department is examination and treatment of pregnant women with obstetric and/or other problems.

The department are examined and treated pregnant women with obstetric pathology:


  • risk of miscarriage,
  • risk of premature birth,
  • miscarriage,
  • pregnant women with hereditary and acquired thrombophilia.

At the department is organized the examination and treatment of the pregnant women with hypertensive disorders, including preeclampsia. For such patients at the department is developed the optimal conditions for childbirth.

In the department of high risk pregnancy are examined and treated pregnant women with such gynecological diseases, as fibroids, ovarian tumors, and  pregnant women with the diagnosis of abnormalities in fetal development, feto-placental insufficiency.

The correction of cervical incompetence surgically or with the usage of obstetric pessary installation is performed.

The department is organized consultation of multidisciplinary team in case of various perinatal fetal malformations when is necessary to take decision regarding  pregnancy continuation or interruption. In case if it is decided to continue the pregnancy the team is making plan for it managing and develop a strategy to have a successful childbirth.

The pregnant women with severe concomitant diseases, who had admitted to the department from different regions of Armenia, Arcakh and Javakhq has opportunity to get consultation and consequent treatment of  qualified in appropriate field specialists:


  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (congenital and acquired heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, etc)
  • diseases of the nervous system (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, etc)
  • systemic diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, antiphospholipid syndrome, etc)
  • diseases of the genitourinary system
  • tumor disease of the hematopoietic system.

 The department also organized the management of pregnant women with extracorporeal fertilization and their treatment in case of complication.

The department is equipped with modern medical equipment. It performs multi-instrumental and clinical laboratory testing for any disease.

The Department of High Risk Pregnancy employs highly qualified obstetricians who got specialization and always keeping their continuous medical education at the prominent clinics in the world. Their high qualification and attentiveness ensures timely prevention of complications and the birth of a healthy baby.



The department is performed following examinations and tests:


  • various infections determination
  • immunological examination
  • ultrasound of internal organs,
  • ultrasound of joints, thyroid
  • In case of necessity is organized the MRI and CT examination,
  • X-ray examination,
  • EEG
  • ENMG


Main activities
  • Screening and treatment of pregnant women with severe somatic nosologies
  • Risk of miscarriage,
  • Risk of premature birth,
  • Miscarriage,
  • Pregnant women with hereditary and acquired thrombophilia
  • Pregnant women with various extragenital pathologies
  • Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

For the first time in Armenia the Department has  conducted chemotherapy for breast cancer during pregnancy. In the result of performed treatment not fetus neither woman did not been affected and the size of the tumor had been reduced. At the 34 weeks of pregnancy the woman has childbirth through the cesarean section with delivery of the healthy child.

Edita Gharibyan MD Edita Gharibyan MD Write a letter Head of Department of High Risk Pregnancy obstetrician-gynecologist
Alla Meliksetyan MD Alla Meliksetyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Anahit Ananyan MD Anahit Ananyan MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Naira Aghababyan Naira Aghababyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Karine Balasanyan ,MD Karine Balasanyan ,MD Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Sona Qaramyan Sona Qaramyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Armine Mkrtchyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist
Ani Aleqsanyan Ani Aleqsanyan Write a letter obstetrician-gynecologist


1. Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Postgraduate Education at Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

2. Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at armenian Medical Institute

Employees engaged in education activities

• Gharibyan E.E.
• Karamyan C.A.
• Ananyan A.O.


Charity and promotions
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