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General characteristics

Hemodialysis is a method of extrarenal purifying of the blood (outside the body), in result of which the toxic products of metabolism are removed from the body and impaired electrolyte and water balance is normalized.Hemodialysis is based on the principle of penetration of substances through the semipermeable membrane, which allows to remove the toxic substances and products of metabolism from the blood. The necessity for hemodialysis occurs in case of severe kidney disease or with the release of a large amount of toxins in the blood, when healthy kidneys cannot fight it. The necessity for hemodialysis is set by specialists depending on the diagnosis and the patient's condition.

The main indications for hemodialysis:


  •  acute and chronic renal failure
  •  poisoning by different poisons and medicinal agents. (unfortunately, not all toxic substances can be removed from the body by this method),
  •  drug overdoses
  • գ severe violations of the electrolyte composition of the blood


Due to the fact that dialysis may be accompanied by some complications (arterial hypotension, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, infectious diseases), it is paramount important that patients adhere the recommendations of the specialists: taking the medications, diet , preventive checkups and necessary tests.

Department of Dialysis of MC Erebouni today is the most advanced dialysis center in the country. The department is equipped with highly integrated hemodialysis systems that meet international standards. Hemodialysis equipment is combining the high standards of care which improves the quality of life of the patients. Fresenius treatment system provides high-quality therapy -ONLINE hemodiafiltration, which today is the most effective method of kidney replacement therapy.


















In addition to hemodialysis devices, the department has created highly efficient water purification systems, the latest technologies for protection against vector-borne infections.

The department treats about 100 patients with chronic kidney disease every month. Together with the intensive care unit, patients with acute renal failure are successfully treated.Timely started treatment has very important prognostic significance.Department also performs various procedures of extracorporeal blood purification for patients in departments of intensive care: the constant hemofiltration, isolated ultrafiltration (including 

extended), a long slow hemodialysis, plasma filtration, plasma absorption, plasma cascade filtration.The staff of the department is highly qualified and has been trained in advanced foreign clinics in France, Belgium and England.

By the way, foreign citizens and tourists in need of dialysis can also use the paid services of the dialysis center.


Hemodialysis Center is equipped with 17 hemodialysis machines of B. Braun and Fresenius companies, and with modern high-performance water purification system of Fresenius company.

The current system of water purification alongside with hemodialysis equipment enables to perform the high-quality dialysis and increases the quality of life of patients on hemodialysis.

Main activities

The priority directions of activity of the department of hemodialysis are the high-stream methods and combination of conventional and diffuse methods.

The department is performs the treatment of patients with chronic and acute renal failure.
There is a possibility of therapeutic plasmapheresis. The Department is planning to create a new ward for extracorporeal detoxification equipped with the most modern equipment in joint project with Canadian partners.

Gagik Papikyan, MD Gagik Papikyan, MD Write a letter Head of the Center of Hemodialysis, Chief specialist of hemodialysis of RA Specialist of hemodialysis
Lilit Bunatyan Lilit Bunatyan Write a letter nephrologist
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 Price list





Center of Hemodialysis


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