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Densitometry is the only diagnostic method that allows you to accurately determine the bone mineral density, which is necessary for the prevention, early detection and diagnosis of osteoporosis, as well as for the effectiveness of anti-osteoporotic treatment. With a classic X-ray examination, you can also diagnose osteoporosis, when the bone loss already exceeds 25-30. Densitometry allows you to measure bone loss even up to 2-5%, which is invaluable for preventing the risk of fractures and diagnosing osteoporosis at the earliest stage.


Early detection of osteoporosis allows the doctor to start treatment in time, prevent the development of the disease, and regain bone mineral density. After 45-50 years, calcium in the bone tissue begins to decrease. At the age of 55-65 years, it can reach a critical minimum, often causing a spinal and femoral fractures. This is why bone density testing is especially important at this age. Densitometry of two parts is often performed-the lumbar spine and the hip joint, where fractures due to osteoporosis are most often observed. If necessary, you can also measure the bone density of the forearm. The test is based on the illumination of the bone with low-dose ionizing radiation with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. (DXA or DEXA), which allows the test to be performed with maximum accuracy and speed. The Department has modern digital equipment of the HOLOGIC QDR 4500 ELITE ACCLAIM series. During the test, the radiation dose is minimized and is less than 1/10 of the dose of basic chest radiography (CXR).


Indications for densitometry are:

·       Early menopause-up to 45 years

·       Bone fractures from minor trauma - low energy fractures

·       Long-term corticosteroid therapy

·       Rheumatoid arthritis

·       Hyperparathyroidism

·       Long term immobility

·       Malabsorption syndrome

·       Chronic liver disease

·       Hereditary factor (when parents in old age had a hip fracture from a minor injury)

·       Diabetes

·       Unexplained decrease in height of more than 3 cm

·       Tobacco and alcohol abuse


Test is recommended

·       All women over 65 years of age

·       Younger women with risk factor

·       Women and men who receive corticosteroids for a long time

·       All men over 70 years of age





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