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Wound and Lymphedema Management and Treatment Service

General characteristics

Wound and lymphedema management service of MC Erebouni is involved in the treatment of wounds and lymphedema of various origins, which are based on preservation of the limbs, reducing the risk or need for amputation. The service uses all the modern methods of management of hard-to-heal wounds. 




The service uses the latest methods of treatment of these diseases.


One of the most widely used method is the wound healing in a moist environment. For this purpose, bandages are used that meet the standards of the "ideal" bandage known in medicine.

• • maintain adequate moisture in the wound surface

• remove excess exudate and toxic components

• provide thermal insulation to the wound

• breathable

• do not allow the penetration of bacteria and microorganisms

• contain no toxic particles and substances

• protect newly formed tissues

• easily removed from the wound surface without damaging it

Wounds that take a long time to heal need not only up-to-date technical equipment but also serious professional potential. One of the most effective methods of management of various types of wounds, used in leading clinics around the world, is negative- pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as a vacuum dressing. This method is also widely used in MC Erebouni.


•           Severe traumatic injuries

•           thermal injuries

•           Necrotizing fasciitis

•           bedsores

•           suppurative wounds

•           trophic ulcers

•           diabetic foot

•           complications following endoprosthetic replacement and abdominal surgery


Lymphedema is a pathology of lymphatic system, which is accompanied by lymphatic impairment and lymph fluid stoppage in the tissues. Lymphedema results in tissues density, chronic swelling and noticeable thickening of limbs (lymphedema), ulcers on the skin.

To determine the causes of lymphedema, pelvic, abdominal, limb vessels ultrasound, chest X-ray, lymphography, lymphoscintigraphy are required.


Treatment of lymphedema is performed by non-surgical (manual lymph drainage, Lymphatic Drainage Hardware, compression therapy, Hirudotherapy, medication) and surgical (lymphatic venous anastomosis) methods.




 In case of lymphedema, Wound and Lymphedema Management Service of MC Erebouni is provided by:

- manual lymph drainage

- Pressotherapy- mechanized lymphatic drainage

- Individual choice of non-elastic compression garment for the patient



Diabetic foot care is also one of the main areas of Service

Mher Margaryan Mher Margaryan Write a letter Head of Wound and Lymphedema Management and Treatment Service. vascular surgeon +34791772214
Price list


Medical care and service

Price (AMD)


Primary examination by head of the Department (head of service)



Hard-to-heal wounds / monthly payment



Visit twice a week



Visit three times a week



Visit four times a week



Lymphatic drainage



Manual lymphatic drainage - one visit 30 min



Manual lymphatic drainage -one visit 45 min



Pressotherapy- mechanized lymphatic drainage – one or two parts of the body



Pressotherapy- mechanized lymphatic drainage – three or more parts of the body







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