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General characteristics

 Nuclear medicine is the most innovative direction in medicine in the world, which nowadays treat diseases that previously seemed impossible, including a number of cancerous diseases.  Given the fact that thyroid diseases are very common in Armenia, a European Center for Nuclear Medicine was opened at MC Erebouni. 

Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, particularly malignant tumors, is one of the main areas of the center. Treatment is carried out with radioactive iodine in specially equipped hospital rooms in accordance with European standards. The new center has 4 isolated wards, each ward has a separate sewage system and special ventilation system. All measures of radioactive safety have been taken into account for both the patients and medical staff. 6 patients can be simultaneously treated in the center.




The center runs modern equipment, including a gamma camera (SPECT), manufactured by German SIEMENS company, which is the latest diagnostic device used in nuclear medicine worldwide.

It allows detecting not only thyroid tumors, but also other cancers, as well as cardiovascular and bone problems.The examinations will be implemented with the use of radioactive isotopes. MC Erebouni has signed a contract with one of Europe's largest factories, which will supply the drugs.


Given the peculiarities of this area of medicine, specialized nuclear physicists will work together with doctors.





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Radioactive Iodine (Radioiodine) Therapy for Thyroid Cancer


SPECT/CT bone scan

 / Osteoscintigraphy / 


SPECT imaging of the thyroid


SPECT imaging of the thyroid with Radioactive Iodine



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