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Magnetic-Resonance Tomography

General characteristics

 Magnetic-Resonance Tomography has been opened in MC Erebouni. The new department is equipped with Magnetom Aera advanced scanner from Siemens. This new generation equipment performs large-scale procedures in a very short period of time. It has a higher magnetic field and visibilityas a result of which the information is more  accurate and clear, the image and the quality of the conclusion is perfect.Magnetom Aera delivers exceptional quality and speed. MRI is an informative and harmless modern instrumental diagnostics method, since it is free of radiation. It enables to reveal such problems, which are not possible by any other methods of diagnostics. 




Go Brain delivers reliable quality at exceptional speed.

Unlike older generation MRI devices, when examination lasted from 40 minutes to 1 hour, Magnetom Aera requires only 5-20 minutes. Go Brain enables clinically validated, push-button brain exams, with multiple orientations and all relevant contrasts.



The newest generation Magnetom Aera allows to get excellent image quality with up to 40% reduced scan times.

Whole-body diffusion

In Armenia Magnetom Aera with whole-body diffusion program is implemented only in MC Erebouni.Comfortable patient table solution allows to scan the patient`s whole body, examine oncological patients by detecting all active sites at the same time, location and size of the tumor, as well as evaluate the results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

 Anesthesia is performed during the examination of patients with fear of closed spaces.

 Magnetom Aera also allows to examine overweight patients. 

Department works 24/7. For registration and detailed information call by 24-hour phone: 012.800.800






Zhanna Harutyunyan Zhanna Harutyunyan Write a letter Head of the Department of Magnetic Resonance Tomography radiologist
Mane Avetisyan Mane Avetisyan Write a letter radiologist
Mary Davtyan Mary Davtyan Write a letter radiologist
Lilit Matevosyan Lilit Matevosyan Write a letter radiologist
Eva Revazyan Eva Revazyan Write a letter radiologist
Price list

Name of service

Price (AMD)

MRI of brain


MRI of pituitary gland


MRI of orbits


MRI of paranasal sinuses


MRI of brain with special program Epilepsy


MR angiography of brain arteries


MR angiography of brain and vessels


MRI of abdomen


MRI of retroperitoneal space


MRI of pelvic organs


MRI of the testicles


MRI of neck soft tissues


MRI of one zone of extremity soft tissues


MRI of breast


MRI of joints


MRI of cervical spine


MR angiography of neck arteries


MR angiography of brain, vessels and neck arteries


MR angiography of cervical spine and neck arteries


MRI of thoracic spine


MRI of lumbosacral spine


MRI of spine (2 segments)


MRI of spine (3 segments)


Contrast Enhancement with contrast agent


CD reading and results provision (to the patient) brought in from outside  15000


Coinsurance.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1 segment (the price does not include the cost of contrast agent), 1,5 Tesla and more  8500


Coinsurance. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1 segment (the price includes the cost of contrast agent), 1,5 Tesla and more


Coinsurance.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2 segment (the price does not include the cost of contrast agent), 1,5 Tesla and more


Coinsurance.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1 segment (the price includes the cost of contrast agent), 1,5 Tesla and more





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