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Intensive Care Unit

General characteristics

The ICU Department of MC Erebouni is one of the leading departments of the Republic with its technical equipment, professional strong capacity and capabilities.  

 More than 5,000 seriously ill patients receive medical care here every year. The Department has 60 beds.


 The Department employs more than 90 specialists, 14 are doctors and 54 are nurses.

The intensive care unit is equipped with all the necessary equipment: X-ray and ultrasound diagnostic devices, as well as a dialysis machine. Each bed is provided with equipment according to international standards – oxygen supply device, negative pressure ventilation system, artificial ventilation device, monitoring equipment. All this allows you to continuously monitor the vital signs of patients and perform dynamic monitoring, and if necessary, quickly respond to any problem.


 Inside the Department, doctors already have the opportunity to immediately see the results of examinations and images on a large screen, organize online consultations with colleagues, make the right decisions when treating patients. 


 The Department also stands out for its comfort for both health workers and patients.

The territory is allocated for catering of patients. 

 The bathroom is equipped with special amenities, designed for severe and extremely severe patients to provide excellent care. 

















Main activities

The department provides the treatment of patients in critical states regardless etiology. The priority activity of the clinic are:


  • Obstetric sepsis, obstetric and gynecological bleeding complications;
  • Neurotrauma,
  • Acute cerebrovascular accident,
  • Post-hypoxemic brain damage,
  • Sepsis and poly-organ failure,
  • Nosocomial or severe out – hospital pneumonia;
  • Central nervous system infections,
  • Severe peritonitis and condition after relaparotomies.

Moreover, at the period of respiratory infection epidemics or in occurrence of new infections threats precisely here hospitalized the overwhelming majority of serious cases that need the polyvalent intensive therapy.

Innovative techniques implemented on the basis of the intensive care unit

Percutaneous dilatation tracheostomy
It was on the basis of our department that for the first time in the country the routine percutaneous tracheostomy was performed by a specialist in resuscitation and did not required the transfer of the patient to the operating room. About 4-5 of  such intervention per month are performed at the department. This significantly reduces the duration of respiratory support, incidence and severity of nosocomial infection.

Transcranial Doppler (TCD)
Despite to the long history of the method of Transcranial Doppler, just the ICU of Erebouni Medical Center has become a pioneer for routine monitoring transcranial hemodynamics. In order to correct the treatment of the patients with stroke or head injury the measurement and analyzes of TCD data are performed at the department by Dr. Mangoyan.

The protocol of antibiotic therapy
The ICU Department of MC Erebouni is the expert in the field of antibiotic therapy and provides training and consultation of specialists not only from various departments of EMC but from other hospitals either. The widespread theoretical and practical knowledge is the hallmark of ICU department. These traditions had been established by its founder honored doctor of the Republic of Armenia, Professor GG Mkhoyan

Erebouni Medical Center. Department of Intensive Care


Anatoliy Gnuni MD Anatoliy Gnuni MD Write a letter Scientific and practical Head of the intensive care unit Consultant of the RA Ministry of Healthcare in anesthesiology and intensive care Anesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Haroutyun Mangoyan MD, Ph.D. Haroutyun Mangoyan MD, Ph.D. Write a letter Scientific Head of Intensive Care Unit Anesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Armen Muradyan MD Armen Muradyan MD Write a letter Head of the intensive care unit Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Hasmik Kocharyan Hasmik Kocharyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Arshaluys Poghosyan Arshaluys Poghosyan Write a letter
Eva Minasyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Victoria Babayan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Hrach Somonyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Srbuhi Mikayelyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Alla Tigranyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Sunanna Hovhannisyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Samvel Miribyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Karen Grigoryan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Kristine Vanesyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Tigran Mikayelyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Shavarsh Ayvazyan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist
Gor Grigoryan Write a letter Anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist

The Department is the basis for the chair of postgraduate and continuous medical education in specialty of anesthesiology and resuscitation science of Yerevan State Medical University after M.Heratsi, where pass their training most of clinical residents in anesthesiology and resuscitation science specialty, and also the doctors from various clinics of regions of Armenia.

Chair of Postgraduate and continuous medical education in anestheology and resuscitation science of Yerevan State Medical University

Assistent Professor - Mangoyan Harutyun

Research projects
Price list


Price  (AMD)



Cost for 1-Day treatment (medication and examinations are not included)



Treatment in ICU for 10 days (including partial payment of medication and examinations  ) **



Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual costs incurred



Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual costs incurred 1



Reimbursement of additional medicine, based on the actual costs incurred 2





* All prices do not include the cost of special and hard-to-reach diagnostic tests approved by the RA Minister of Health.

* All prices do not include metal structures, stents, prostheses and expensive medicines, blood components, food, separate wards

** This price is not provided for insurance companies


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