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Emergency Medical Care Department

General characteristics

The main activities of Emergency Care Department is the emergency medical care to patients with sudden acute diseases and conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases without overt signs of threats to the life of the patient.

Emergency medical diagnostic and medical care is carried out both when patients appeals independently by oneself or by reference of outpatients clinics and when the patients delivered by ambulance teams that provides patients with multidisciplinary medical care at home and during transfer to the Center.

The activity of emergency medical care department consists of two parts:


  • organization and conduction on emergency base the examination and tests of appealed patients for early diagnostics;

  • emergency medical care of enrolled patients diagnosed with diseases in the acute stage.

In difficult cases Department also organizes a consultation of specialists of the center, which jointly decide the tactics of the patient management:


  • providing medical care with the further continuation of treatment at home;
  • transfer of the patient to a specialized unit or an intensive care unit for further examination and treatment;
  • transfer of the patient to the operating room for further surgical treatment.

Emergency Medical Care Department
The department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and devices. The department has 8 beds. Simultaneously 3 specialists stays on call at the department: internist, surgeon and intensivist.

The department employs highly qualified and specially trained professionals with extensive experience to provide emergency medical care.

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