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As a result of a complicated surgery, the life of a pregnant woman was saved.
35-year-old pregnant woman came to Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni complaining of severe lower abdominal pain and bleeding. The pregnant woman was immediately hospitalized and all necessary laboratory and instrumental examinations were performed.12-week cervical pregnancy was diagnosed, chorion ingrowth toward muscular layer in the scar region caused by the former caesarean section. Cervical pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy. It accounts for only about one out of 500,000 pregnancies, and is 0.15 percent of cases of ectopic pregnancies. According to the accepted procedure, the case was reported to the management, and was called a consilium headed by Director of Maternity Clinic of MC Erebouni Dr. Andranik Poghosyan. Since the woman previously had a serious pulmonary pathology, surgery could endanger her life. At the same time, this ectopic pregnancy was also life threatening. And finally, as a result of a multi-disciplinary discussion, it was decided to have a life-saving surgery immediately. Dr. Tigran Hovhannisyan, head of Maternity and Postpartum Unit, obstetrician gynecologist David Hambardzumyan, anesthesiologist Serob Mikaelyan performed surgery together. The surgery ...
Conference -discussion on the spread of coronavirus
Fourth conference held over the last month in MC Erebouni on coronavirus spread in China and prevention other airborne infections. The goal is to raise awareness among health care providers. Taking into consideration the global epidemiological situation, Dr. Anahit Sargsyan, Deputy Director on Epidemiology of MC Erebouni, presented the situation to the colleagues as well as the agenda of possible measures to fight the infections. Special attention was paid to the sequence of general prevention measures.   Anahit Sargsyan reported that coronavirus mostly infects the respiratory system and is carried out in mild, moderate and severe forms. She presented doctors international guidelines for the management of patients with suspected coronavirus.   During the discussion, Dr. Anahit Sargsyan once again singled out daily measures of medical centre for the prevention of airborne infections.   Since the beginning of the year, by the order of Michael Manukyan, Executive Director of MC Erebouni, alertness for patients with all respiratory diseases has been increased both in all departments of the MC and in the Maternity Clinic. ...
Aortic valve replacement using the endovascular technique performed  at MC Erebouni.
 50-year-old man underwent aortic valve replacement without opening the chest. Until recently such surgeries had only open approach, but the world is already going through endovascular interventions. A new valve is inserted into the old valve through the femoral artery. The intervention no longer requires a chest wall resection.    The team of cardiologists work in the angiography room, meanwhile, beyond the window, large group of doctors under the leadership of Executive Director of MC Erebouni are following the unprecedented intervention. 50-year-old man is undergoing aortic valve replacement without opening the chest. On the initiative of MC Erebouni, Margharma company invited world renowned interventional cardiologist Anmol Sonavan to Armenia. He has performed aortic valve replacement together with interventional cardiologists of MC Erebouni. The surgery lasted 2 hours without any complications.  The patient had aortic stenosis, narrowing of the arterial valve. The aortic valve is located at the border of the aorta and the left ventricle.  Narrowing of the valve is called stenosis. It causes a difference in pressure between the left ventricle and the ...
Harutyun Kushkyan

Erebouni Medical Center is the biggest medical institution in the Republic of Armenia where people get multiprofile, high- quality medical care in accordance with world standards.

Thanks to scientific, clinical and educational activities of the specialists, collaboration with leading medical institutions, constanty adopted modern technologies from the leading companies: Siemens, Dragger, Schtorz, Rosh, Olympus, Erebouni Medical Center has gained wide recognition in our country as well as abroad.

Training, specialization and continious education of the Center's specialists at the leading clinics of the world and their participation at international scientific meetings allow to introduce continuously the newest acievements in medicine into the practical activity of the Center.

The patients have possibility to obtain a consultation and a second opinion of the leading specialists from Germany, France, Russia, USA and other countries regarding diagnostics and treatment provided at Erebouni MC.

Erebouni Medical Center is one of the clinical bases of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi and Armenian Medical University, where the students get education for Batchelor's degree and Master's degree or specialization in clinical residency. The Center is also the clinical basis for post- graduate and continious medical education. There are given wide oppportunities for research in the Center including doctoral and postdoctoral research study.

Erebouni Medical Center, paying great attention to the training of nurses in accordance with international educational standards and programs, is also the main clinical basis for «Erebouni» Medical College.

The individual approach to each patient – is the pledge of qualified medical care. It is the motto and main principale of the work of Erebouni Medical Center.

Administration and the team of the Erebouni Medical Center make all efforts for ensuring the high- quality, effective and safe treatment for patients.

We wish you all good health!

With respect,
Harutyun Kushkyan

With regards Harutyun Kushkyan

Erebouni Medical Center

Erebouni Medical Center was founded in 1991 on the basis of clinical hospital «Erebouni». The center has passed the creative way of establishment and development, and today it is the biggest medical center of Armenia, which realizes clinical, research and educational activities, thanks to which it has obtained recognition in our country as well as beyonds its borders.

Erebouni Medical Center has 8 basic clinics: Diagnostics, Surgery, Therapy, Emergency Medical Care and Ambulance, Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurology & Neurosurgery. There are located more than 40 specialized departments, and also Maternity Home and Outpatient clinic.

The medical center is equipped with modern diagnostic, medical and surgical equipment, as well as extended instrumental base, which allows performance of a wide range of diagnostic and laboratory examinations.

Due to the profile integration in MC Erebouni the new multidisciplinary specialized units, equipped with the modern complete sets of professional equipment was created:


Erebouni Medical Center


  • Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic which covers the functional and invasive diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology and arrhythmology, endovascular and cardiovascular surgery;

  • Neurology & Neurosurgery Clinic with extensive integrated functional and invasive neurodiagnostics, intensive and interventional treatment of stroke (Stroke Center), spinal surgery and neurosurgery;

  • Emergency Medical Care & Ambulance Clinic with specially equipped highly specialized teams of emergency care, which has all facilities to perform emergency diagnostics;

  • Multiprofile Surgery Clinic with a variety of narrowly specialized surgical departments which creates an opportunity for activities of highly professional multi-disciplinary surgical team.


Angiography and Intervention cardiology


In the highly equipped, comfortable and high quality Maternity Clinic of MC Erebounievery year there are registered more than 3700 deliveries, and approximately 27000 women every year get in-patient treatment in the departments of surgical and conservative gynecology. The out-patient service of Maternity Home serves approximately 200.000 women per year.

The Center for Women's Reproductive Health, established in cooperation with the Bet Israel Hospital (Boston) and UCLA Medical Center, for the first time in Armenia has introduced a program of prevention of precancerous diseases, family planning, new protocols for the management of high-risk pregnant women and others.

The ambulance service of Erebouni Medical Centerrealizes timely mobilization of more than 200 severe patients per month from Yerevan and other regions of Armenia with provision of qualified emergency medical aid and their further specialized treatment organization in appropriate departments of the Center.


Cardiovascular Surgery Department

Today, more than 402 physicians work at the MC «Erebouni», including academicians and professors, 10 doctors with Grand PhD degree (Doctors of Medical Science), 35 doctors with PhD degree (Candidates of Medical Science), and also 618 nurses. More than 600 patients per day get inpatient care in different departments of MC «Erebouni».

The Center provides medical services to inhabitants of Armenia as well as to foreigners.

Erebouni Medical Center has huge contribution not only in the development of the medical science of Armenia, but also in the development and the extension of a spectrum of medical services in general. The staff of Erebouni Medical Center constantly works out new projects and programs for modernization and improvement of medical services, every now and then re-equipping the technical facilities of the clinic with new equipment from leading companies such as Siemens, Dragger, Storz, Rosh, Olympus. Erebouni MC is constantly enlarging its collaboration with most famous clinics of the world, and creates new opportunities for multilateral cooperation of Armenian doctors with leading foreign specialists.


Cardiovascular Surgery Department

MC Erebouni is also one of the main bases for the clinical chairs of medical universities and colleges in the country, and its staff performs not only clinical but also education activities. There are all necessary conditions and facilities for both undergraduate (bachelor and master degree) and postgraduate (clinical residency, specialization) trainings, as well as for specialization and research.

On the basis of MC Erebouni doctoral and PhD students actively conduct their research projects. Today MC Erebouni is one of the major medical institutions of the country, which is the basis for multicenter clinical studies, and its staff is managing the joint multicenter clinical research projects.

Erebouni Medical Center has been repeatedly nominated at the competition «National Trust» and was awarded with the title «The Best Medical Organization» and «The Best Provider of Medical Services».

Erebouni Medical Center has also multitude international prices, which indisputably testifies to its international acknowledgement.




Licenses, certificates and awards

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